Sunday, November 05, 2017


As my birthday approached and Richard asked what I wanted the only thing I told him was a night of romance...and he did not disappoint!  We started at La Bella for a couples massage and then pedicures. Then, we went to the mall for a little shopping and home to get ready for dinner. We enjoyed some fantastic food at Diamondbacks. Afterwards, was a hotel room filled with rose petals, roses and chocolates! The whole day was so fun and relaxing and made me feel so special! What a wonderful guy I have!!


Senior Night

Friday we escorted Baylee across the field as all the senior football players, band members and cheerleaders played their last game at home.  It was neat to hear the plans of each senior and to think of all the things that lie ahead of them as they start a new chapter in their lives in a few short months.


We are proud of you, Baylee! It has been so much fun watching you cheer for 4 years! We pray the memories you made will be ones that you look back on and make you smile!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

11 Years of birthdays

11 years of birthdays: From chubby and squishy cheeks to a chiseled and distinct jawline...I can't even!!  Watching your children transform is just too much!

Troy, as you move into the pre-teen years your friends will slowly take precedent over your parents.  Strive to make and keep good friends and be a light to those that don't know Jesus.  It will not be easy to always shine His light, nor will it be popular as the junior high years come because sadly, being different is frowned upon in our cookie cutter culture.  Continue to be who God created you to be and embrace those things that make you unique. 
He loves who you are and created you perfect for His plan!

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

5 years old

6 years old

7 years old

8 years old

9 years old

10 years old

11 years old

Monday, October 16, 2017

High Flying Birthday Party

For the boys' 11th birthday party we took them and their friends to the Baylor Challenge Course.

This course is a combination of low ropes and high ropes, but for the party I only reserved the high ropes part.  They had two different obstacle course activities and then they had the screamer, which was the high swing.  It was neat to watch the boys encourage each other and test their limits when they got scared.  The crew working with them was fabulous, as well.  They knew just what to say to push them a little further when they thought they wanted to quit.  Once their feet hit the ground they all would say, "Wow, that was scary! I want to do it again!"

Here is Troy and Kelby up at the same time.

When the boys were not climbing they were helping hold the rope or anchor down the lead holder.  It was neat to watch them work as a team.

Teague even tried a few of the challenges!

Amber and Blake and Richard were also right along with the boys climbing and swinging!

At the end of our session, Mr. Greg circled the boys up and asked what they learned.  One of them raised their hand and said "I learned that I can conquer my fear of heights."  What a great accomplishment for him!  No matter if they came scared or not, I know each boy left proud of themselves and the things that they tried!  They are a brave crew!

After our time was up we enjoyed ice cold beverages and cake and presents!  It was a fun filled afternoon that wore these boys out!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Blessing Ceremony

For Baylee's 18th birthday I knew I wanted to give her a Blessing Ceremony. I had been to a Blessing Ceremony before awhile back and it was amazing, so I knew I wanted to create that experience for Baylee! In scripture we see over and over the value of giving a blessing and how important it is for the older generation to teach and spur on the younger generation. 

I invited some women in Baylee's life that have been influential to her throughout the years and we spent the afternoon worshipping, praying and speaking life over Baylee. We had such a special time and I pray every word that was spoken is sealed in her heart as she makes this journey into adulthood!