Wednesday, October 17, 2018

12 years old

Troy is 12!! This year brought about a cell phone, so he was extra excited to celebrate his birthday and open presents!  My mom and dad came down to celebrate, as well.  We enjoyed dinner and cake and presents.  It was a cold and wet day with Teague's 4th grade program thrown in there, but we still had a good time celebrating Troy!

12 years with my eldest!  Oh how I have loved watching him grow!

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12 years old

Sunday, October 14, 2018

20 Year Reunion

What a wonderful time at our 20 year reunion last night! We were able to visit with people we have not seen, except for on Facebook, in 10 years! We danced to some great oldies but goodies 90’s music and before we knew it, it was over. I’m so glad I got to hug some necks and talk in person to some friends that I have missed so dearly!

Richard was a trooper and held down the table, smiled for the pictures when he was asked and was ok by himself when I went to say hi to someone across the room.  I loved that it was at the Ballpark and we were able to make another special memory in a place we already love so much!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mother~Son Weekend

This weekend Troy and I were able to attend a mother~son conference through Pine Cove. A friend at work told me about these conferences and I thought it would be a great addition to starting middle school for Troy and Kelby...a time to strengthen our relationship and their relationships with the Lord and talk about life issues that might arise in junior high. Kelby still hasn’t decided if he wants to come, but if he does I will be going back with him! And Teague is already wishing to be in 6th grade so he can go.

The Pine Cove staff was so welcoming and energetic and during the mom speaker sessions the college guys would take all the boys out for their own lesson. Troy loved those the most. He always had something to write in his journal when he came back. The weekend was a great mix of fun and learning!


Friday night we had a challenge to make the grossest sundae...the boys loved it! Then we had a real ice cream sundae party!

One of my favorite activities was a picnic lunch with a craft. We each made a gospel bracelet and they had some great questions we were able to discuss.

There were tons of activities to participate in during free time and we did it all!!


  Saturday night was camp night and we played a game called stealth patrol that was so much fun! 

We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and I pray every moment will be sealed in both of hearts forever! 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

When nations collide

This past week, Richard and I had the pleasure of hosting 3 young men and a leader associated with the Amani Children's choir from Uganda.  The choir has been in America on tour since March and has been to many states, with Texas being their last stop.  We were so excited to be chosen to be a host home!  When we first met them they were so polite and well spoken, but all week they just continued to amaze us!  We fell in love with Ryan, Benjamin, Elisa, and Posiano.  They were the perfect house guests!  They made their own lunches, cleaned up after themselves, asked to be excused from the table, led Bible studies nightly, offered to help in anyway possible...the list could go on and on.  I told Richard that our kids are going to have a wake up call once they leave because I will now be expecting the same from them!  :)  

They all shared many stories of life back home and were very patient with all of our questions.  Elisa wants to be a doctor, Ryan wants to be an accountant, Benjamin wants to be a lawyer.  Posiano will be getting married in January so we heard all about African wedding traditions. It was a true blessing to serve them all week and to spend time getting to know them.  

We took them to see the Baylor bear and the Baylor campus one day.  The boys didn't believe us when we said it was a real bear we were going to see. Lucky for us, the bear put on quite a show!

On Saturday evening we had some people over for games and food.  At about 8pm, Posiano asked everyone to grab their Bible for a Bible study.  Sweet Ryan led the study by reading a portion of scripture and sharing what it meant to him.  He then asked us what it meant to us and we were able to share.  Afterwards, they took prayer requests and we all took turns praying.  It was amazing to see that 10 year old lead so well.  

On Sunday they put on a show at church in the morning and in the evening.  They sang and danced and played the drums and shared scripture with us.  They are truly an inspiration!

After everyone got home from school during the week, our evenings were filled with food and games and just hanging out with one another.  They were always up for whatever the kids wanted to do. They played in the basement and outside on the trampoline and rode the 4 wheeler and played in the shop and even had a night time jam session with drum beats and dancing.  They were pure joy all of the time!

This week has been one that will forever stay with me.  It changed a lot about me, my thoughts and the top of my heart's desire.  I pray the boys will always remember these sweet children and maybe one day venture to Uganda to see them again or help others just like them.  As they were preparing to leave I felt my heart ache because I wanted them to stay...or I wanted to go with them...I just wanted to be around them.  I felt the Lord gently ask "What are you chasing?"  I guess my answer was the joy, the simplicity, the wisdom, and the love.  I am praying that I can take what they brought into our home and better myself, my family and others around me.  This experience was far beyond anything I can put into words and will probably be the pinnacle of my 2018 word Others, but who knows...God may have more up His sleeve!!