Sunday, July 21, 2019

6 years

The last week was jam packed with so many things and as soon as baseball was over, the boys headed to church camp so we knew we needed to take advantage of being alone and get out of town for our anniversary.  We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do and tossed around several ideas; Fredericksburg and the wine trail, Fort Worth and the stockyards, San Antonio and the river walk, Galveston, float the river, or Dallas which is our usual spot.  Friday morning we woke up still with no plan. Nothing was jumping out at us. We packed bags for a few different options and just started driving. Once we go into Waco we decided to just flip a coin to see if we should go north or south and maybe that would help us decide. The coin said south so that narrowed it down a bit.  We stopped in Georgetown for lunch and needed to decide whether to head west or continue on south so we flipped again and the coin said south again. So San Antonio is was! 

We found a last minute hotel right on the river walk and enjoyed the weekend sight seeing and eating and relaxing. We’ve never been the type to not have a plan but it worked out pretty good this time to just hit the road in search of adventure! 

Friday, July 19, 2019


All four boys competed in State competitions this week! Between baseball and FFA we have all been spread out all over Texas!  Koby headed out early Monday morning with the school and the boys and I decided to decorate the car for a week full of fun!

Troy and Kelby’s tournament was a few hours away so we got a hotel and loaded up Monday morning. I think they loved all extra stuff as much as playing ball! After their first game Monday night we enjoyed the pool and hot tub and then Tuesday morning my dad picked them up to go fishing during the day. Then,Wednesday they played Putt-Putt and went to a movie.  They lost out on Wednesday night but both boys had great games all week and loved the experience of playing at the State level.

We were even about to pull up Teague’s game live and watch it from the pool!

Teague’s tournament was closer to home so we didn’t have to get a hotel or travel but he did invite a friend over to play one day and we had a slumber party in my room one night together to try to make his week just as fun. Although winning State Champs on Thursday night is about as fun as it gets!!


And last, Koby was in the metroplex all week competing with FFA. What a crazy, hectic week!!

Thursday, July 18, 2019


My sweet Snickers! 

Over the last few weeks and especially the last few days I have noticed her acting strange. She would meow/cry at night and she would be right under our feet at all times. Over the last few days she has been in an aggressive stance towards our dog and also pacing constantly like she doesn’t know what to do or where to go. This morning she could barely keep her balance and after holding her for about an hour she could barely open her eyes. I took her to the vet this morning and they ran blood work and it all came back normal so their next diagnosis was neurological.  It could be a tumor or something compressing nerves in her brain confusing her and making it difficult to walk and stand or even a type of dementia. Due to her age and her frail state they did not recommend pursuing those options and in just the few hours I was at the vet she was still declining so I decided to say good bye so she could rest without pain or confusion. 

We were together 16 years; before husbands and kids, through moving from Lubbock to Georgetown to Waco and too many houses to count. She was a wonderful companion and had the sweetest temperament.  It’s hard to say goodbye to the one who’s been through it all with me! She will be missed greatly and I pray she felt loved all the days of her life.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Enlarging my perspective

This testimony!! Wow!!  It’s been 6 months in the making, but this testimony has enlarged not only my perspective, both earthly and heavenly, but has also enlarged my faith, my idea of the character of God, my listening skills, my obedience...I could go on and on. I pray you get something out of this extraordinary move of the Lord!

Meet Kristiana and Sheila.

It all started in January when Kristiana, pulled me into her room to share a secret. She explained that back in October she was sitting in the HEB parking lot when she heard the Lord ask “would you ever donate a kidney?”  Kristiana has always been an organ donor on her drivers license and brushed off the fleeting thought with a quick “sure I would.”  Two months later she was back at HEB shopping for black eyed peas when she sees a lady from across the way. She remembers she knows her and loves her, but can’t quite place the name. As she walks down a little more the lady recognizes Kristiana and comes up to her. Turns out they both worked together more than a decade ago. They exchange niceties and small talk until the conversation turns to what they are doing these days...the lady, Sheila, says she is no longer teaching because of some kidney problems and she is currently on a list for a kidney. She is a deep woman of faith so she follows her comment with the fact that God is in control and she is at peace with whatever the Lord wants for her.   Kristiana explains that at this point her heart and mind were racing as her thoughts go back to October and what the Lord had asked her in that very parking lot!!  (I love how God is even in the little details!!)  As Kristiana told me all of this in her classroom she kept asking if she was crazy and was this crazy!  Absolutely not!!  This was God moving and we were getting a front row seat!!  She and Sheila said good bye without Kristiana sharing anything with her, but she immediately started researching and praying. She felt like she was supposed to move forward in the kidney donation process.  She called the hospital and got on the list to undergo extensive testing to see if she might be a match. However, in all her research she found that psoriasis could have a negative effect on kidneys and she has had psoriasis on her foot for over 10 years. The Lord asked her to shift her prayers from kidney transplant to healing of her foot, so we did!! We prayed, she fasted and we believed.  Within a month the spot on her foot was gone! GONE!!   Her kids and husband and all of us were just amazed!! 

We immediately changed our large, over arching prayer for Kristiana to be a match with Sheila to small daily prayers for each step of the way.  Here where a few of the prayers we prayed:

-healing of the psoriasis 
-matching blood types 
-one artery, not 3, coming out of her kidney
-all psychological tests would come back normal
-all physical tests would come back normal 
-her family would be open and on board with the surgery
-Sheila would be on board to take the donation

Every. Single. Prayer was answered!! All of them!!  At one point I found myself begging for the Lord to keep moving and a friend shared with us “don’t come to Him begging like a slave, but simply ask like His child.” That was so powerful! We knew this was God’s thing, not ours, but in the midst of it I forgot and started pleading and begging for things. If He is moving, there is no need for that, just stay  humble and connected and listen for the next step.  Kristiana and Sheila are so close a match that they call them a sister match! Only a 9% chance that would happen...but God knew!

Kristiana’s birthday was in March and guess what the Lord revealed to her through all her research?? World Kidney Day is on her birthday!! (God loves the details! ❤️) So we HAD to do something for this!!  Kidney cake it was!!  Along with some cute kidney stickers!

In April, the hospital contacted Sheila and told her they found a donor and that is was Kristiana!  I can not imagine the excitement on that phone! Sheila immediately contacted Kristiana and set up a dinner date to visit.  We prayed over that dinner date and Kristiana joked that they were going to have church up in that restaurant! As Kristiana shared with Sheila all the details of God’s hand in this and Sheila also shared some of her own testimony. It was crazy to see how some dates coincided with one another yet Sheila had no idea Kristiana was even pursuing this. As the two began to leave the restaurant they saw Virgil walk in. If you are from Waco you have probably seen this man praying over the city on the newly demolished crossing bridge.  He is a strong man of faith.  He knew Sheila and she called him over to hear the great news and God’s story through them this far.  Kristiana said he then began to pray and prophecy loudly over them right there, the whole restaurant looking on...hands raised, tears streaming!!  As she told me the story the day after we giggled because they sure did have church there, louder and more powerful than she even imagined!!

As the surgery date approached we had to go for pre-surgery pedis!


Yesterday was surgery day and the emotions were everywhere!  I’m thankful my BFF is ok after surgery. I pray both her and Sheila’s body adapt to their new normals. But I am most thankful that I was able to watch the Lord move throughout this whole process. His hand was ALL OVER every step of this!! He loves the details, He touched so many through this journey and I bet He is thankful for children who listen for the small whisper of His voice and obey.  I have learned so much about His character and how if we come to Him with open hearts and hands, surrendered to Him, He will blow our expectations away!  Listen for the whisper and hang on for the adventure!

Kristiana with Sheila’s family after both surgeries were a success!

Love you BIG, Kristiana!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Day weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake with my sister.  She was kind enough to open up her home for the whole weekend to all of us!  My mom and Sonja and Alicia all joined us on Sunday. Amber's boyfriend, Zach lives right around the corner, so he and his boys joined us also and let us use some of their lake toys, which the boys' loved!  It was a weekend packed full, but also still relaxing!

Zach took us out on his boat one afternoon to a small cove where we had a picnic lunch and played 
ball in the water and just hung out!  The ride was about an hour and we were able to see a lot of the lake and the beautiful houses that are all around it. 

Between everyone there we had a mix of 5 dogs.  You had to be careful when eating because they would love to take it right out of your hands!
We had the jet ski and the kayaks and the slip mat and fishing poles and the paddle board...there was definitely plenty to do!  And most of the time I just floated and read my book and that was fine with me!  Sometimes the best time to be had is by not doing anything at all!  The sun and the water are my happy place and I feel most rejuvenated after spending time at the lake or the beach.  Now to buckle down and finish this last week of school strong! Summer is so close and I look forward to many more weekends just like this one!