Sunday, July 09, 2017

Weekend Fun


We had a blast this weekend with Amber and her boyfriend, Jimmy and his son Axel.  They came Friday night to cheer Troy on at his track meet.

Axel loved hanging out with Teague. Anything that Teague did Axel did also. I think Teague got a taste of what being a big brother feels like! 

On Saturday, they played on the trampoline, in the shop, rode go carts and popped fireworks! It was a busy day! 

 On Sunday, we came to the Ranger game. All the little boys had Junior Rangers Passes, courtesy of Mimi, so we stayed after the game to run the bases. It was eaxciting to be down on the field and the kids loved it! We had a fun filled weekend with Amber and Jimmy and Axel! It's always fun when family comes to visit! 


Monday, June 26, 2017

Cabo's beauty

The views in Cabo were amazing. It is very mountainous and had houses built right into the side of the mountain. The ocean came crashing into the shore so powerfully and the waves were huge! The water was turquoise close to the shoreline and then turned a deep blue further out. We didn't see too much wildlife, but there were pretty tropical flowers around the resort. It's amazing how God can create such unique places all around the world. I've been so blessed to be able to travel and see so much of His creativity!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Night Time Fun

At about 4pm every afternoon we would go back to our rooms to get cleaned up for the evening.  The first night we ate dinner over looking the ocean and a mariachi band came table to table to sing.
We also went to the show on the main stage. It was a Michael Jackson show and the impersonator looked so much like Michael Jackson! It was a great show! 

On night 2 we ate at the steakhouse on the resort. The food was very good and we were able to try a few new things too like octopus. There was not any good entertainment that night so we ended up taking some pictures on the balcony.

 On night 3 we tried Marro's, which came highly recommended from some friends. It was just as wonderful as they had said! 
We found both the Texas Tech flag, which I signed and the Baylor flag that Amber signed Richard's name to. This was such a fun little spot to visit and the food was so good! We all enjoyed steak and lobster and shrimp and loved every bite!

After Morro's we stopped by Cabo Wabo just to say we went there. It was very touristy and because of that everything was overpriced. We listened to a few songs and then headed back to our all inclusive resort. 

Night 4 was our last night so we decided to book a sunset cruise. We had dinner and dessert and live music on a huge boat that took us out to the famous Cabo arch. We had a lot of fun getting dressed up and enjoying a night on the water. 

Every night was cool and breezy and very relaxing. I enjoyed each night and how we tried to do something a little different to make sure we experienced it all. 5 days was not long enough to be in paradise. We definitely plan on returning one day!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Matching Shirts

Amber wanted us all to have matching shirts to wear one day so she bought the shirts and I used my cricut to put the says on. Everyone got to pick what they wanted theirs to say, so they were all different, but we all stayed with the beach theme.

Mom - I'm an oceanaholic
Dad - Captain

Amber - Good times and tan lines
Jimmy - Six pack...coming soon

Kati - No one likes a shady beach
Eddie - Hola beaches

Mine - Seas the Day
Richard - Sunburn in progress

The back of them also said Cabo '17.  We got a lot of looks when we wore these, but we were not the only ones with shirts made! We saw a few other groups who also had cute shirts! I'm so glad Amber had this idea! 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Good times and tan lines

The beach in Cabo was so beautiful! The waves were very high where our resort was so we did not get into the ocean, but the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was so cool. Very powerful! 

The beach vendors would sell things  along the shoreline and they had a pony and a few puppies out there with them to attract worked on Amber!

   Amber got a henna tattoo and Kati and I both bought an anklet.
We had a mini photo shoot to see if we could get a few good pictures to hang in our bedroom.

We also enjoyed time at the pool. There was music and games and we met quite of few people from all over the U.S.
I love the beach and will always choose a beach vacation over any other location. There is just something about turquoise waters and an endless ocean that I enjoy so much. I always come home refreshed after visiting the ocean!