Thursday, May 24, 2018

5th grade graduation

The elementary years are complete!  These boys have made us proud in their academics, their athletics and their character and integrity!  This morning we were able to celebrate all their accomplishments!!  Before school we gave them their graduation gift.

Their program had awards and a slide show and their diplomas!  What fun it was to cheer them on!


Iron Man

These boys have been together in school and on the baseball field since Kindergarten so they took the theme and made it their own!  What handsome super heroes!  More pics to come of these 9!!

All the grandparents came to cheer the boys on!

My first born...

Richard's last born

These two have meshed into true brothers; sometimes they are thick as thieves and sometimes they can't stand each other, but no matter what they are there for each other.

From raising little boys who caught frogs and rode bikes and played in the sprinkler to raising young men who are asking about getting phones and picky on the clothes they wear and have to have a certain type of hairspray...the ride has been and will continue to be an exciting one!!
We love you both tremendously!

That evening the whole class was invited to a pool party!  I loved watching them hang out together and just relax and have fun! They have earned it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The quiet before the storm

There are so many emotions this week.  2 graduating from 5th grade into middle school and one graduating from high school.  These next few days I feel like are the calm before the storm.  Thursday through Sunday will be a whirlwind of excitement and busyness with little time to really enjoy the moment.  However, these next few days...the quiet moments within those days....the still moments to ponder...this is where the emotion hits.

I am not really even sure the emotions I am feeling. The tears flow, but I am not really sad.  I can't wait for these kids to experience what the Lord has next for them.  I am not really scared, I know they are prepared for the next step.  I am extremely proud and happy, but yet the tears flow.  Magenta...the Golden Girls call that feeling magenta.  Not really yellow with fear or green with envy or blue with sadness...just a mixture of color and emotion all tumbling together and it feels....


Simply driving in my car listening to the radio can spark a flood of tears as I think over the past...have I said enough, given the right advice, taught the life lessons up to this point?  I think ahead to the future and wonder how things will change from here on out...the friends, the experiences, the increase in freedom and pray they are strong enough.  It really doesn't matter 5th grade or 12th grade, the thoughts are the same and the changes can make or break them.  Maybe that's the emotional influx...the change.  At their ages, I saw the change as exciting and it didn't evoke much emotion from me at all, but as I get older I see change for what it is, an ending of something you can never return to. Whether good or bad or indifferent, that time is gone and you will never have it again. I pray they lived it well, they loved others well and they cherished that moment in time for what it was.

So I'll enjoy these emotion filled quiet moments because when the graduation ceremonies begin I know I will be caught up in the applause and the smiles and the friends and the family.   I'll look up and it will all be over with only the pictures and memories left behind.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Big 4-0

Richard will be turning 40 on Wednesday!!  With all the graduation events for two 5th graders and one senior we have been super busy, but we had a free Saturday last weekend so I squeezed in a party!  We had burgers on the grill with all the fixings, cake and brownies and lots of corn hole!!

Richard's mom made sure he had all the essentials for old age...

Happy Birthday, Richard!!  I hope you felt so honored and special today!  You have touched so many people's lives in your 40 years and we all love you dearly!  Thank you for investing in others and shining the light of Jesus wherever you go!  I am lucky to have you as a part of my life and to be able to share this adventure with you!  Here's to another 40 years going strong!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trying something new

Richard and I were invited to a Thai cooking class last weekend!  I have never really cooked Asian food and I can not think of a time we have ever eaten Thai food, but we were up for the adventure!  The class was super small and intimate so there was a lot of hands on and watching up close and getting help if we needed it.  We had such a good time! 

We made three different dishes throughout the night and left with a very full stomach!  All of it was so delicious and pretty easy to make with only needing a wok.  We will definitely be going back to another cooking class!!

Richard making peanut dipping sauce.

Rolling fresh spring rolls.

Friday, May 11, 2018

When prayers become a reality

Even though the beach and the snorkeling trip in Puerto Rico were amazing, the reason for our trip was my brother's business venture.  He has always wanted to open his own sports bar type place and after 8 years in Puerto Rico, it is months away from becoming a reality.  He was so excited to show us his place and all the work he has done.


The boys had a ton of questions and Teague was quick to tell him which parts of his ideas were and were not going to work.  We ended up calling Teague the project manager since he seemed to know all about opening and running a business!

Blake served mom the first beer from the bar.

Blake also had some of his friends, JRay and Becca, come into town to celebrate with all of us, as well! 

This is where the roof top patio area will be constructed.

Another highlight from our trip was that Blake asked to be baptized.  With my word "Others" this year I prayed for Blake back in January.  I texted him that morning and asked if there was anything specific he needed prayer for and he responded with a few things that he was needing to happen to help get his business off the ground.  I prayed and touched base with him a few days later and then a few weeks later and within a month or so he was the one calling me telling me of all the things that the Lord was doing.  He said he knew is was God opening the doors because there is no way any of it would be happening otherwise.  I encouraged him to get into the Bible and start listening specifically for the Lord's voice and obeying what he says.  By March he was daily in the Word and having quiet times and sharing his revelations with others and praying and looking for a church... I do not think I have ever seen a more drastic transformation! As we prepared to make the trip to PR he asked if Richard would baptize him so when we arrived at the beach during our snorkel trip that was our first order of business!

We circled around Blake and the Lord had given me a word for Blake that I shared and then Richard shared a bit about what baptism is and what that looks like for a believer. Richard baptized him and then Troy prayed over him.  It was such a sweet and special time on so many levels!

I have prayed for Blake for many 20+ years!  God is faithful.  His timing is perfect and I know that He has big plans through Blake.  So if you have that one thing that you have been praying for and you are not seeing it come to fruition, let this testimony spur you along!  Keep praying, God hears and sees and is working even if you do not see it!!