Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spa Day

Finally our girls spa day arrived!! Tanna, Laura and I all spent Saturday at the spa. We started with a massage and then moved to lunch and then our pedicures. It was nice to be able to just walk around in our robes all day and not really rush to be anywhere. We would come back to this living room type area in between each service and just talk and it was such a nice atmosphere. We always try to get together at a restaurant or someone's house and it was just nice for it to be quiet and secluded and have no kids or time schedule. I think we sat in those chairs just talking for over an hour on several occasions!! I think we all agree this will be an annual event for us, it was just what we all needed!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


My boyfriend rocks...

because he is great with the boys. It's one thing to be a great dad with your own kids, but to play and get involved with other kids is something completely different. He loves to play and be physical with the kids. He also takes the time to explain things that they encounter, which I think is important in teaching them about the world we live in. And he listens to their thoughts and actively participates in conversations with them. I am so lucky to have Chris in my life...and so are my boys!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This weekend we had our annual youth retreat called Superpalooza. It's a weekend long retreat with scavenger hunts, service projects, lessons, and a lot of fun!! I love these kids like they were my own!!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Birthday Fun

My birthday was so much fun this year!! As my birthday gift to myself I decided I wanted to go back and visit Lubbock. So the boys and I took off early Friday morning and headed to Abilene. Grandma had a huge birthday lunch with cake and ice cream and we stayed the night there. Then off to Lubbock on Saturday morning.

We had lunch with Rachel and Leann and their families. I love how we can all get together after 3 years and still talk like no time passed by at all. We all stayed with Rachel and Scott and their two girls. Troy and Teague loved playing with Reece and Rynn and they were so sweet to share their room and their toys.

It was Homecoming weekend so we wandered around campus and took some pictures and bought t-shirts and I got to show Chris why I love Lubbock and Tech so much.

On Sunday I went back to my old church and felt so blessed to still have a church family there even though I am so far away, and it made me miss Lubbock even more because of the friendships I still have there.

I got a ton of great things for my birthday; a necklace from Grandma, boots from mom and lotion from the boys. Chris had gotten me a purse a few weeks back that I fell in love with so I thought I had already received my gift from him but then he and Tanna surprised me with a spa day with the girls in a few weeks so I will be getting a massage, lunch with Tanna and Laura and then a manicure, but then on top of that he showed up with this huge Victoria's Secret bag. I didn't know whether to be happy because I am spoiled or mad because he did WAY too much for me!!

Inside the bag was this suit and top along with more workout clothes. Chris was so funny as I was going through all the things inside he would tell me why he chose it, either it went with my eyes or it looked comfortable or it was practical or it was my favorite color. I told you he was a GREAT gift giver!! This birthday was so special for so many reasons and I am glad I could share it with so many people I love.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


We had so many Halloween festivities this year!! Troy and I both got to dress up for school parties. Daniel came and participated in Pumpkin carving with Dads at school and Troy really enjoyed that, although he didn't help much. We also had a costume contest at church and then we all went trick or treating that evening. Troy and Teague both looked so cute in their costumes and this was the first year I really got into dressing up and had a lot of fun with it!!

Troy and his teacher Mrs. Katha

Thing 1 and a vampiress

My youth girls!!

Iron Man and a Pirate (Cade and Troy)