Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The new song by Need To Breathe is called Testify and it has really been speaking to me lately.  I don't think I have gotten through the song once without crying when it comes on the radio.  The lyrics are so powerful and speak directly to the mystery of God.  In youth group we are talking about love and sex and how God created those for us as a gift.  We've talked about keeping Jesus as our first love and that even in marriage, Jesus has to be first.

For the most part, I think this concept is going over their heads.  I know when I was 15 all I wanted was the fairy tale romance and someone here on earth that would love me unconditionally and forever.  The Disney movies and the Bachelor shows all play into the unattainable, unrealistic marriage goals.  So, I know we are teaching a foreign concept to these young ladies immersed in our culture.  Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, after my first marriage ended in divorce.  In those excruciatingly painful and lonely moments, I HAD to rely on provide, to comfort, to protect, to...everything!!  He had to be my everything.  And in those moments I found the mystery in Him; the love, the romance, the satisfaction.

The chorus is as follows:

Give me your heart
Give me your song
Sing it with all your might
Come to the fountain and
You can be satisfied
There is a peace, there is a love
You can get lost inside
Come to the fountain and
Let me hear you testify
Wave after wave
As deep calls to deep
Oh, I'll reveal my mystery
As soon as you start to let go

I think if I could get anything across to my youth group young ladies it would be this!!  There is only One that can satisfy!  Only One that can give love and peace! Only One you should want to get lost in!  And He wants you so badly.  But the last line reveals the have to let go!  He is a gentleman and will never force Himself on us.  We have to let go, surrender to what He has for us.  And in my journey of continually learning to surrender, I have found that what He has for me is so much better than what I think is "good".  If you haven't heard this song, Google it and listen for yourself!  I pray it touches you as deeply as it has touched me!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Today we celebrated Baylee. She will be 17 in about a week so she had some friends over. We were planning on a cook-out and outdoor games but the weather had different ideas. As the rain moved in we had to move the party to the basement.  

Even though it wasn't as Baylee had planned, it seemed like they all had fun. Once again, I'm so thankful we have a place where the kids can have their friends over and have a good time!