Sunday, April 23, 2017

Koby-Man's 14

Today we celebrate Koby! We had donuts this morning and lunch out at La Fiesta with some of his friends with presents.

Happy Birthday, Koby!! I hope you always know how special you are to our family! You are an atypical teenager due to the fact you have not gained an attitude or the typical teenager defiance. We truly appreciate it and are thankful for your easy going disposition. I hope year 14 brings more happiness and love than you can imagine!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Teague's baptism

Easter Sunday was even more special this year due to Teague's baptism.   I found the letter that we had received from our pastor at Teague's baby dedication back in 2009 that was sealed and only to be opened once Teague made this commitment so that was neat to read to Teague and explain to him that many people had been praying for him for many years all hoping today would come!

My mom and dad and aunt all came into town and our nieces were already here for the Easter holiday and Teague's dad and wife also came, so Teague had quite a cheering section.  As Richard baptized him, he shared that he was honored to have baptized all five kids.  There is something so sweet when the last child comes to know the Lord!!  I know that has been our prayer for so long and now we can shift those prayers to growing deeper with Him daily.  

As I prayed from Teague and what the Lord had for Him I saw a concrete slab that was being covered with sealant.  I know that all the years of prayer and activities we have pursued have all led up to this point and have given Teague a solid foundation in the Lord.  His baptism was the sealing of all of it and will serve him well as he grows and matures.  I also received Isaiah 33:6 as his life verse.
"He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure."

After the service we headed to Roy and Lynette's for lunch and fishing.

Koby doing what he does best

We had a great day celebrating Teague, family and a Risen Savior!  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


On Sunday, we had a city wide worship service called The Gathering.  As a church we also started a 3 day fast on this night as we all celebrated Palm Sunday.  The Gathering was a great way to start the fast and really got my heart and mind in the right place.  Fasting is hard so I was glad that we were starting it in a such a special way and also, that we would all be doing it together as a church.

Our main goal in fasting this time was to seek breakthrough; in whatever area we felt it was needed.  In Mark chapter 9 there is a story of an instance where the disciples were unable to cast a demon out of a boy.  The father brought the boy to Jesus and asked Him to heal his son and He did.  The disciples were confused.  I would be confused, too.  The disciples were previously able to heal and cast out demons, why was this time different?  Jesus answered their question..."this kind can only come out with prayer and fasting.: Mark 9:29.  Jesus is not talking about the demon, but rather the unbelief.  So, as we began this 3 day fast, I wanted to gain more faith, more belief so more could be done through me.

I love this quote about fasting...

There is more space for Holy Spirit to move when we practice the spiritual discipline of denying our flesh, or what we want.  Over the last three days I have heard clearly in many areas and connected with Him and saw Him move in huge ways.  My favorite being Teague asking Jesus into his heart!  After The Gathering he was asking lots of questions and then he attends the Good News Club after school on Monday's which is a Bible Study at his school, and came home asking more questions, so as we talked he realized although he loved Jesus and prays and talks to Him a lot, he hadn't asked Him to reign in his life.  So we prayed the prayer right there in his bed and rejoiced as our last child surrendered to the King of Kings!!  Our Easter service will include baptisms, so Teague will be baptized on Sunday.

I truly believe prayer and fasting in combination has tremendous power.  Even if we don't see any immediate results over those days, I know God as faithful to work in the spiritual realm in ways that honor Him!

Monday, April 10, 2017


This weekend we took all our youth leaders and our youth worship team to Youth Ministies Lab.

It was two days packed with worship and give aways and food and lots of great information.

One of the vendors was an illusionist who hammered a nail into his nose!

Kayla in her crown.
In one session, Alissa won a rock, paper, scissors tournament and received a free book!

After all the sessions on Friday night their was an illusionist who performed and Haley Ann was called onto the stage to help with one of the tricks!

A late night run to IHOP for dinner before bed.

Lucas eating drinking syrup as we wait for our food!!

Our Leaders!!  This crew is high energy and always keep a positive attitude while running on no sleep.  We are thankful for their passion for the youth and all the help they offer to Richard and myself!!

The weekend was full of lots of great things, but I think my favorite was hearing each youth share what they took away from the weekend.  Almost all of them had one thing that stood out to them that they could incorporate into their own lives or into the worship team to make it more meaningful to the Lord.  What great hearts they have for their talent and I love how they want it to honor Him!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Opening Day

Year #6 for Opening Day festivities! As the Rangers look to expand, we were bumped out of our normal tailgate spot. My mom and aunt and crew scouted out a place a few weeks ago and arrived at 10:30am to be at the first of the line to enter at 1pm when the parking lots opened. Sure enough, they're hard work paid off and they got a great tailgate spot!  Lots of room to sit and visit and eat and play games!



We played Jenga and Kan Jam and did a lot of people watching! 

Richard also opened his birthday present early since it went with the theme of the day...
Season Tickets!!

The pre game events were great, as usual and the ballgame was a blast even though they lost.

The parachuting team landing onto the field.
The fly over

Great friends, great fun, great weather!  It was a great way to spend the first day of baseball season!!  

Sunday, April 02, 2017

A weekend with Koby

Koby was invited to participate in a basketball camp this weekend in Carrollton. It was focused on those athletes wanting to play at the college level and had some great aspects. Every morning the college coaches would give a little pep talk, but would also highlight the kind of athlete colleges look for.  There was also a time where the coaches talked to the parents and let them asked questions about the whole process of playing sports in college. It was really neat and gave some good information. 






It's a rare thing to not have all 5 kids so we made the most of our time with Koby! It was fun to hang out with him and hear his thoughts and stories! We had a great weekend!