Monday, April 10, 2017


This weekend we took all our youth leaders and our youth worship team to Youth Ministies Lab.

It was two days packed with worship and give aways and food and lots of great information.

One of the vendors was an illusionist who hammered a nail into his nose!

Kayla in her crown.
In one session, Alissa won a rock, paper, scissors tournament and received a free book!

After all the sessions on Friday night their was an illusionist who performed and Haley Ann was called onto the stage to help with one of the tricks!

A late night run to IHOP for dinner before bed.

Lucas eating drinking syrup as we wait for our food!!

Our Leaders!!  This crew is high energy and always keep a positive attitude while running on no sleep.  We are thankful for their passion for the youth and all the help they offer to Richard and myself!!

The weekend was full of lots of great things, but I think my favorite was hearing each youth share what they took away from the weekend.  Almost all of them had one thing that stood out to them that they could incorporate into their own lives or into the worship team to make it more meaningful to the Lord.  What great hearts they have for their talent and I love how they want it to honor Him!

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