Friday, June 24, 2016

Circle Maker

I'm currently reading a book called The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.  I highly recommend it and have loved every chapter. And, in God fashion, He knew I'd be reading it at this exact moment in my life.  

The book is about circling those promises God has given for your life in prayer, both figuratively and literally. Just as they did in Jericho when they circled, they knew what God had said, they obeyed what He said to do, even though it sounded a bit crazy, and the walls came down!  So, as I'm reading this book I have begun writing down those areas I want to circle in prayer and God showed me how I have been doing this for awhile and He is answering one of my prayer circles THIS WEEKEND! 

You see, 7 years ago when my life took a detour off the projected path I had planned, I began praying for a step mom for the boys that was of the Lord. I know many of you joined with me in those prayers, and we can all rejoice as this weekend the boys will gain a step mom who seeks the Lord and shows His love to all those she encounters. 

As God brought this to my mind in the midst of reading this book He wanted me to know He is faithful. The timeline may be a little longer that what we might want or the path we walk may be a bit bumpier than we thought, but He is always faithful! As I circle new things in prayer I have a great assurance and testimony to stand on when the months turn into years and I think prayer isn't is...because He is faithful! 

I wrote Emily a note to express some of my thoughts to her as she becomes a part of our crazy big blended family and to my surprise she had a letter for me as well.  

I know we are just scratching the surface of what God is going to do in the years to come and it's so exciting.  I love how it all points to Him; His timing, His love, His faithfulness. May He get all the glory!

Monday, June 13, 2016


Our annual trip to Mexico was another success! We left Thursday morning and I found a snack pack idea that I decided to try for the kids. It worked pretty well and kept them satisfied for most of the ride.  They also got snacks at the ranch and refilled it as the weekend went on. I highly recommend this idea for those traveling long hours!!

We had a ton of youth going so we were able to claim a youth van.  The time hanging out and bonding during the drive are some of the best times!

The first thing the kids wanted to do was swim! There were a ton of kids the boys' ages so that was perfect and anytime we were at the ranch that's what they were all doing. 

Every morning we would start with worship and quiet time before we went out into the towns. One day the kids went around to all the adults and asked what miracles they wanted to see and wrote it in their journals. It was so cute! 

In the towns we would hand out food, give out eye glasses, play with the kids and pray for the people. 

Kobys and Troy are awesome at jump rope!
Baylee colored with little ones.
Troy praying over a family.
Teague handing out candy.
Kelby and Richard praying.
Coloring with a sweet baby girl.

All the boys playing soccer.

Handing out eye glasses.

In the down time when we were not in the towns we had plenty of fun! We enjoyed ice cream at the park, dinner at the mayor of Morales's house where we swam and ate and danced, we enjoyed the animals at the ranch and just got to visit with everyone! 

There is no place like Mexico! We are coming back refreshed and refueled with all the things we saw God accomplish through us! It's crazy that language was never an issue; love was the common bond and it's all we needed!