Saturday, April 30, 2011


Faith...what can I say about my friend Faith!! She is an amazing woman of God, a great wife, and Supermom!! I love her sense of fashion, creativity, craftiness and her boldness to just be herself. For Faith's birthday, she invited a few of us out for dinner, tiaras and boas optional!! So, of course, we had to come up with something to surprise her. We decided that we should all wear 'Faith' shirts, since it IS all about Faith!! Becca and Lisa made us all a shirt and we had a great time celebrating Faith's birthday as well as our friendship that God continues to strengthen. I love these women!

Jenny prepared a haiku for Faith that she shared with all of would think it would be funny, coming from Jenny, but it was really touching and perfectly described Faith.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Poppy Festival

Saturday, Tanna was able to come down and go to the annual Red Poppy Festival. It's a ton of craft booths with original items that are usually hand made and one of a kind. This is our second time to in tow, and I think we did pretty good with four little ones and two giant jogging strollers. On one street a man in one of the booths commented that the double wides were coming through!! Tanna told him that wasn't very nice to say to two ladies!! He was kidding, of course, but we thought it was funny! We did a lot of shopping and eating and the kids did a lot of playing so everyone was happy. We also took advantage of all the beautiful poppies and took a ton of pictures! It was a great afternoon!

Poppy Fest '09

Poppy Fest '11

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Adventure #5

Today was Troy's first soccer game. He is on a team with all preschool kids so some of the players are 4 like Troy but some are 5 and 6 so they are faster and bigger, which helps the team stay on track. The younger ones tend to follow them and kick the ball when it's near them, but the older ones keep the game going since they understand that moving the ball to the goal is the objective. Troy did have one outstanding play of the game. He turned the ball around and started it back towards the opposing team's goal for 4 or 5 kicks and then one of the older kids came and got it when Troy was surrounded and made the goal! It was so much fun to watch and I was so proud of him!

Teague cheering Troy on!! Right before the game started Teague was playing by a tree and of all things, a ball from another field hit him right in the head. He started screaming and crying and the other team came over to check on him. I really think he was more startled than hurt, but what a way to start the morning!

standing by the sidelines waiting for his turn to get back into the game.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A night out

A large group of us spent Sunday evening at half a bout of roller derby and then went to a Spanish Tapas Bar called Malagas. I love hanging out with this group of people and it never fails that I laugh so hard that my stomach hurts! I am so blessed to have such great friends!

Roller Derby!!!

At Malagas...I had the coca de pato, which is smoked duck with carmalized onions, cheese and a bbq sauce served on flat bread. I call it duck pizza and it is by far the best item on the menu!

A GREAT group of girlfriends!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Adventure #4

Today was the Diva Dash. It is an adventure race that my friend Rachel thought would be fun for all of us to participate in. When signing up for the race all we knew is that it was going to be a 3 mile course with obstacles every half mile. They kept all the obstacles a secret and basically told us there would be stuff for balance, speed, agility, and water involved.

The course itself was an obstacle in that it was very rocky and sandy in places and there were many hills that were long and steep. The obstacles ended up being a lot of fun to complete. The first one was a tight rope walk which was pretty easy. Then there was a maze we had to get through while crouching down below the flags they had set up over our heads. This one did make my quads burn. Then it was off to a gated area in which large balls were pushed into us by guys. Next was a wall of ropes that we could either climb up and over on or we could maneuver our way through the ropes to the other side. The agility obstacle were rubber inner tubes set up in long rows that we had to high step through. The last one was 5 floating trampoline inner tubes set up in a semi circle on the lake that we had to jump from one to the other back to dry land. I felt like I was on the tv show Wipe Out. We only witnessed one person fall in the water, but that obstacle was a lot more difficult than it looked. We all agreed it was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is it really this hard?

I listened to this poem today and found myself completely identifying with her words. I feel like I strive daily to emulate the characteristics of the women portrayed in the Bible, as well as take to heart the verses that speak directly to women and our conduct. So, I wonder if there is a guy out there that strives to do the same? When she speaks of the men in the Bible and how she will know her man by specific characteristics, I felt my heart yearn for that. Is it really this hard in today's world to find a Christ-like man?? Today's answer would be yes.