Sunday, November 29, 2009

In the spirit

Troy and Teague spent the afternoon with Daniel so I took that opportunity to decorate the house for Christmas. I have always decorated the house for each season and especially for Christmas, but we have never had a tree. So this year, I figure Troy is now at the age that he will start remembering Christmas and I want to make it as special for him as my parents made it for me. So, tonight, after I put Teague to bed Troy and I decorated the tree. It was fun putting on all the ornaments and him thinking each one was so neat and ever better if it had glitter on it! I am really going to concentrate on the meaning of Christmas this year with him. Oh, we will do Santa and that whole bit but I also want him to know what Christmas really is all about. I am also starting a new Arlitt Family Tradition this year, I stole this idea from a friend in Lubbock, but when he told me about his family doing it each year it made me rememeber it so I could do it for my kids one day. As Christmas gets a little closer, each night I will explain one part of the nativity scene, whether is be the wise men or Mary or Joseph, until on Christmas we will talk about Jesus! I love thinking we have a little family time with cider or hot chocolate and to sit down to talk about the things that truly matter in this life! Although this first year will probably be a quick talk, since Troy can't sit still for any length of time, I think it will be neat to start and then one day the boys can tell me what each part of the nativity means!
Here are the boys stockings!

Troy putting on an ornament.

All decorated!! Chip managed to get himself into the bottom of this picture!! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful: Day 5

For my last thankful post, I want to praise God for this season in my life.

John 16:21-22
"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born in to the world. So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."

This is definitely a tough season but let me share with you what makes it worth it:

*I feel God's presence daily, as if he had skin on and were hanging out with me
*The lessons I am learning will affect the rest of my life, which is exciting to me!
*Troy and Teague will have a better mom
*Being able to help others (I am starting to feel God leading me into a ministry from this experience)
*I am a better wife
*I am learning how to live day by day trusting God fully...this is the hardest I think!
*Almost everyday I am witnessing a miracle, now granted you might not think it was a miracle, but to me it's God loving on me and showing me He is in control.

Those are just a few of the many great things happening in my life through this season. To be honest, the closeness I feel with God makes me nervous for this season to end, as it feels like I would be cheating on Him...weird I know, but maybe someone out there can relate?!?

Romans 8:28
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

If you look at Matthew 1 and Jesus' genealogy you might think that the sin of adultery between David and Bathsheba was part of the divine plan all along. I seriously doubt this was the case, as David's sin of adultery and the cover-up of the murder of Uriah must have grieved God terribly, but I think it goes back to the verse in Romans; God makes it all work for good for those that will submit and soften thier heart to Him. It doesn't exactly tell you what good, which frustrates me a little, as I am a planner, but I can rest in the truth that it will be good! I know I have said it before, but I am anxious to see how God brings me out of this storm and once again shows His faithfulness.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful: Day 4

Today I am thankful for family, obviously! We have had a great day together eating and visiting and, of course, watching football. I love holidays so much just for the reason of getting together with family. Ever since I was little I can remember being excited to go to see family. Although Blake and Amber and I didn't have cousins we always would find something fun to do. Now, we enjoy playing games with the "adults" and we always get a good laugh. I hope Troy and Teague grow up with a good sense of family and how important family can be. Here we all are at the Thanksgiving meal, minus two important people in my family!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful: Day 3

Today I am thankful for God's timing. I can remember lots of times in my life when the timing of the events that happened were perfect. I might not have thought so in the moment of waiting, but looking back the timing was His timing so it was perfect.

Taking a trip down memory lane, I can remember when I didn't make cheerleader from junior high to high school and thought I was going to die. I remember clear as day Jenna telling me that God had a plan and it would work out. I ended up getting into cross country and found my passion for running and exercise and tried again for cheerleader a few years later and again got to participate in that passion. In college, I could not get my grade up to a B in chemistry and my plan to be a Physical Therapist changed real quick once I saw all the chemistry in that degree. I switched to Exercise and Sport Science (which I had never heard of) and loved it! My first job introduced me to some great Godly women in Lubbock through that degree and lastly I went to a Exercise Conference for a certification and that is where I met Daniel. I firmly believe that God did have a plan way back when in junior high but I couldn't see it fully.

Now, in the midst of trial and pain I can look back to that small (huge to me then) set back and see where God took me. I see His faithfulness. So, I am extremely thankful for His timing in my life and also for His timing through my friends and family. Through this season in my life I have to honestly say that there have definitely been days where I am ready to throw in the towel and move on with what I want for me and my life. But strategically, a friend or family member would call, recommend a book, send a CD, email a verse, or just point me to someone else's blog at precisely the right moment and I would again gain new perspective and strength.
1 Peter 1:13 "Gird up the loins of your mind"
God knew exactly what I needed to hear or read at the perfect moment so that mentally I could continue through this season. I am so thankful that God is using each of you to minister to me and most of you probably don't even know it! I can see how divorce runs rampant in this world as my first instinct was to run, but through the days and weeks that have passed, His Word has penetrated my heart and I see things differently now, more clearly. I made a commitment to God and to Daniel and I will honor that, even in the worst of times.

Proverb 4:25-27
"Let your eyes look directly ahead, and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you. Watch the path of your feet, and all your ways will be established. Do not turn to the right nor the the left; turn your foot from evil"

If I had been told this situation would be presented to me I would have told you I would be ruined, but with His strength I am growing and learning and changing everyday. And by walking in His truth and biblical principles, somehow the task at hand seems conquerable. Even as I was preparing this post, Tanna told me of a song that is just for me, and she was right. I had to put it on the blog to share with you all.

I am anxious for the day when I can, again, write about the path He took me on and how His timing is perfect if we are willing to believe that!

Thankful: Day 2

Today I am so thankful for friends. Without friends I don't know where I would be in my life. I have had the same set of friends since high school and God has blessed my life tremendously through them. And then as I grew up and moved out of the house God has given me more Godly women to strengthen me through college, my first job, and our move to Georgetown.

Proverbs 17:17
"A friend loves at all times..."

I am so grateful that the women in my life are Godly, strong, fun, and uplifting. Thank you to all of you for making me into the person I am and for keeping me directed toward God. I firmly believe that friends are our greatest influence and the examples you girls set for me are what God is using to keep me strong and pressing forward at this time in my life. I love you all very much and I am thankful for each one of our friendships!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful: Day 1

This week I want to focus on all the things that I am thankful for. The first one won't be a surprise to anyone...Troy and Teague!!

These two boys have brought so much joy into my life and so many lessons too. I am so thankful and humbled that God gave me two precious lives to raise and to point toward Him. I daily have to remind myself that He loves them more than I do and wants the very best for them too. It is an honor to think that I am the vessel He is choosing to use to grow them into warriors for Christ. My prayer for them nightly it for them to be confident in their faith and secure in my love and in Christ's love for them. In learning to parent, I see how Christ sometimes has to parent us and it has made me see my relationship with Him different and also makes me a little more forgiving of the boys when they get into trouble. I am not any better at hearing it once and then getting it right!

I am thankful for Troy and how independent he is becoming. I always need an extra set of hands to help with Teague and he is right there wanting to help brother!! I am thankful that he is a quick learner and loves to tell me about his day at school and even more special what he learned at church. Nothing warms my heart more than to hear him talk about God and Jesus. I am so proud of him!

I am thankful for Teague and what a happy, sweet baby he is. We prayed hard for Teague and that he would be an 'easy' baby (if there is such a thing) and God answered that prayer abundantly! His smiles and laughter fill a room and draw those around him to us like a magnet. I am thankful for the quiet times that I am still enjoying rocking him and looking into his liquid blue eyes wondering what God has planned for his life.

I could go on all day about those two!! They are special boys and will grow to be special men one day, I just know it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A few fun filled days

Over the last couple of days we have been very busy. My grandma has been with me for a few weeks now to help out and spend some time with the boys. She really enjoyed her time here I think and she was great to just go along with how busy we are. We visited the farm in Fredericksburg and Eilonwy came along too. They fed the llamas, rode 4 wheelers, and ate hot dogs.

For Troy's birthday Grandma got us both tickets to see Curious George Live. So last night, Troy and I had a date night. The concert was so good and he really enjoyed all the lights and singing and of course the characters. I was not expecting how hard it is to go out for a fun evening and have to say no to so many of the things they have for purchase there. I did let him pick out one fun item and one food item, so he choose a Curious George light wand and popcorn. We had a great night together and he is already asking when we can go back to George's house!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beautiful Vessel

2 Timothy 2:21
Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.

This was the foundation for my blog when I first created it. I remember doing a Beth Moore study and one of the lessons was on being a beautiful vessel, so I thought, to keep my mind focused on this truth, I would name my blog after that lesson. Skip forward 6 years or so and just last week I was reading a book in which the author stated "Beautiful people don't just happen" And lastly, over the past 6 months to a year I have been praying for God to make me into a Proverbs 31 woman...Man, be careful what you pray for, right?!?!

All that to say, when I read the "beautiful people don't just happen" statement it made me realize that being a beautiful vessel isn't just following God, reading His Word, and doing good in all situations. It's going through the fire and coming out refined, like gold. "Beautiful people" are those that have hurt, suffered, doubted, submitted, and loved through all circumstances. They cling to God when there is nothing else left to cling to. And when the trial moves on, God has created something new, something beautiful, because it is more like His image.

It never occured to me that we HAVE to go through the fire. There is no set preparation to getting around it if you are truly seeking Him and wanting to be made in His image. To be honest, I thought if I lived right, followed Him, and served others He would pave the way smooth, so my first instinct in all of this was to tell others of my mistakes so they could avoid the same pain, but that it false. We all have to go through the fire. I think you can spot true Christians, ones that are stepping on Satan's toes, by those that have gone through the trials and come out on the other side more like Christ. I don't think I would have ever been able to be a Proverbs 31 woman without going through this ordeal that I am currently struggling with. And, make no mistake, I am no where near that woman yet, but I can see glimpses of her at my weakest state and know that God is truly creating me into that Beautiful Vessel that I started a blog about so many years ago.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh No the big 3-0

I enjoyed a great birthday spread out over a few days. The girls from church surprised me with dinner out and a basket full of goodies. My aerobics class surprised me with chocolate cupcakes and another basket full of goodies! I then got to spend the weekend with my family for a good meal and chocolate cake and presents. That night I even went country dancing with my sister. I haven't been danicing since college and it was so much fun to do something I enjoy. It was a great birthday spent with those that care about me! Thank you all for making my day so special!

I thought this picture of Amber and Teague is soooo cute!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My blog


Blog - Noun
web log, blog - a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies

1st Amendment - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Opinion - Noun
a personal view, attitude, or appraisal
The previous blog post sure did cause an up roar! To be honest though it wasn't the post, it was the Anonymous comment that set things in motion. I have contemplated blocking my blog from some or closing it all together but that would not bring the glory back to God when He has brought me through this trial. So to those that continue to read my postings let me make clear what this blog is about...

I created this blog long before I had children and it was a place where I could update family and friends on my life since we were spread across the state, and world for that matter. It was a place that I celebrated the good times and asked for support during the uncertain times and begged for prayer during the bad times. As children have come into my life they naturally took the blog by storm, as I think they are such cute angels, but they are not my entire life. This has always been, and will continue to be a blog about my life and my personal experiences as I live this life.

The great thing about a blog is that my 1st amendment right lets me express my opinion regardless of what others feel about that opinion. And to be frank, if you don't like my opinion, start your own blog and write about it. Blogging is very therapeutic and an easy way to spread news or prayer requests or just to let people know you are still hanging in there. I firmly believe in the verse "where two or more are gathered He is there" So to all of you who are praying diligently, I am grateful for you and I know that is one of the only ways I am surviving day to day through this whole ordeal. I am choosing to leave my blog public and moderate all comments that come through so that God will continue to work through His Word, through my pain, and through your support to show us all His faithfulness.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Satan's Handiwork

I have always believed that Satan was real. I would see bad things happen around the world and would say that Satan probably had a hand in that or that God was allowing Satan to work in that situation. But now, as I continue to get deeper into this trial, I see Satan like I have never seen him before.

Most people reading this blog know my husband, Daniel. He is a passionate follower of Christ, has a love for children, adores his own 2 boys, has a zest for adventure, is super romantic, has a tender side those close to him get to see, loves to joke around, enjoys learning, is alway first to try something new, stable in all he does, honest to a fault, and he loves deeply...or at least that was Daniel up until about 3 months ago.

Don't get me wrong, Daniel, myself nor our relationship was perfect but I have watched Satan cover Daniel's eyes, take a truth and twist it into a lie, and lead him down a path in which there seems to be no return. The Daniel that I spoke of in the above paragraph is gone. Now who I encounter is a shell of a man with no sparkle in his eye, no confidence in his step and no joy in his heart. The words from his mouth proclaim that he is happy with his choices and when he goes "home" he is happy with that family. How in the world could he possibly be happy with a counterfeit family when his real family is loving, praying and wanting him to come home?? And the answer is in James 1:15 -
"Our desires make us sin, and when sin is finished with us, it leaves us dead."
The man I knew, that we all knew, is dead. Sin has had its way with him and now has left Daniel to "enjoy" his choices.

But here is the Hope. John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth and the life!..." Christ is Daniel's only hope, his only help at this point, and his only way back to the joy he once knew. Please pray for Daniel and that God would bind Satan from anymore damage, that God would open his eyes like he did Saul in Acts 9:18 - "Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul's eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized..." and that God would show Daniel His unconditional love.

I truly believe that God will use this situation for His glory, and I have already started to see the tip of that. Again, I have no idea how this whole ordeal will end, but I do know God is faithful to those who trust Him and the boys and I know our future will be secure as long as we continue to follow God.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat Party

Since Troy didn't get to have a birthday party with all his friends on his real birthday we decided to have a Trick or Treat Party, as he called it. I had chili and corn bread for the adults and mummy wraps for the kids with punch and of course adult else would you get through a kids birthday party AND trick or treating in the same day!! :) I had a small little scavenger hunt for the kids before cupcakes and presents and then we hit the trick or treat trail. It was an eventful day and I had two tired jungle animals on my hands as the night came to a close.

Blowing out his candles!!

Such a cute smile!

Bearly enough time to stop and turn around for a picture. All the kids were running so fast from one house to the next. One little girl ran right out of her shoes so many times she decided to take them off and just go in her stockings!

Teague doesn't know what to think of this hat!