Monday, July 18, 2016

Arkansas 2016

We returned to Arkansas again this year for the youth to lead a kids camp. They did an amazing job. They have been preparing for almost 6 months and to see the week play out was so rewarding.  They led bible studies, they led rec teams, they preformed skits and taught about missions. They truly were the Lord's vessel this week and I'm so proud of all of them.  Richard and I could not ask for a better group to lead and work along side!

We left early Saturday morning and Jasmine and I drove the truck with our three little ones.

Road trip are always fun with these girls!

We arrived at a host church Saturday night and it was nice to relax after a full days' travel. The boys loved playing ninja with the kids.

Troy and Kelby met up with their friends from last year and Troy was asked to help Wyatt with the offering! I love that they have made friends across state lines! 

The following day we arrived at the campgrounds and began to set up and decorate for the campers.

We spent some time that night praying and washing each other's feet as we prepared our hearts to spend the week serving others.

When the campers arrived the boys immediately hooked up with their friends. Troy and Kelby loved ping pong.

Teague loved dodgeball!

The week flew by filled with lots of activities, dress up nights, games, etc...

Luau night

Neon night
Richard with our camp pastor J-Flo.

The week was so much fun and completely draining, both physically and spiritually!

But after the campers left we decided to go over to Eureka Springs to watch The Great Passion Play.

We had a great trip and I know God not only worked through us to reach those campers in Arkansas but He also worked in us as we served like Jesus all week! 

Friday, July 08, 2016

Boot Camp

Today I had the opportunity to share my testimony at a boot camp that Tanna leads.  She asked several weeks back and I jumped at the chance given that my word this year is Lead.

This week the ladies were discussing different pressures that women place themselves under. Earlier in the week Tanna had them fill backpacks with a rock for each pressure that they feel they are under. Some were heavier than others, but all of them had multiple rocks in their packs.

This morning the ladies showed up with full backpacks ready to work.  I was able to share a few of the things God has done in my life and we talked about how those rocks, pressures, weigh us down, distract us, make us tired and irritable. We talked about the only One who can take those rocks but we have to be willing to lay them down...and how Holy Spirit can empower us to NOT pick them back up!

The last half of the workout the ladies took out one rock at a time and layed it at His feet! It was so amazing! Then we talked about how we have to choose Jesus daily. Choose to spend time with Him, choose to listen to Him, choose to obey Him! Otherwise we find ourselves reaching for that same bag of heavy rocks! And Christ did not come and die for us to tote around baggage!  The last rock the ladies had to actually go and get. It was at the top of the bleachers and it represented choosing Jesus.

It's not always easy to pursue Him, but it is always worth it!! All the ladies did an amazing job and I was humbled God would use my story to continue to reach others! It's always a blast doing ministry with Tanna and today did not disappoint! He is faithful to draw near to us when we draw near to Him!