Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baseball game

When my parents were in town over the weekend, we all went to the Round Rock Express Game. Troy had a lot of fun. There was lots of music and people to watch and he enjoyed the hot dogs and the snow cones! He even wanted to wear his baseball hat like daddy!

Man Pants

Troy has really started being aware of when he needs to go "TT" so we decided to let him run around in his new "man pants" at night where we used to do naked time. He just stops playing, says "TT" and we all go running to the potty. He does his business and says YEAH, then it's back to playing! We haven't really started potty training but this is a good first step I think!

Flying Leap

Troy has learned a new trick. As Daniel and I were getting breakfast ready we looked in the living room and Troy had pushed the laundry basket close to the couch and took a flying leap. Obviously he continued this over and over since Daniel got a great picture of it! Luckily he hasn't hurt himself...yet!