Monday, July 28, 2008


due in march

Yes, we are expecting again!! Troy is going to be a big brother, and I'm sure if he understood what that meant he would be as excited as we are! I had to be pretty sneaky in telling Daniel so I decided to order a cookie cake and surprise him at our church small group with it. It took him a second but he was so surprised. For the rest of the family I made Troy a Big Bro shirt to wear. He looked so cute and wore it with pride like he knew what it meant!

Of course, Troy had to stick his fingers in the icing!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Open Gym

Since Troy has been jumping off things and doing twists and turns and flips on the couch we thought he would have fun at gymnastics. After looking around we found an open gym class every Thursday for kids walking to 5, for an hour for only $6, come and go as you please. So we went to try it out. Troy loved it and so did Daniel and I. He was running around trying the balance beam, the trampoline, sliding down the slides, swinging on the bars; he was so tired after that hour he went straight to sleep when we got home. We will definately being going back next week!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Ft. Worth Zoo

Over the Fourth of July weekend we took Troy to the Ft. Worth Zoo with Mimi and Papa. We got there early so it would still be cool and hopefully the animals would be out! We saw the monkeys first and they put on such a great show that Troy didn't want to leave that exhibit. He also was able to hear the male and female lions both roar. At first he really liked it, but then he quickly got scared and started to cry so we took him away. He got up close (with glass in between) with a white tiger and a huge gorilla! In the aviary we bought a birdseed stick for him to hold and the birds came right up to eat it! This was his second favorite place! I don't know who had more fun him or us!

Here we are on a Kamodo Dragon

Here is Papa and Troy at the alligator exhibit.

A long awaited visit

After 2 years and 4 months we are finally all together again! We finally got to meet Adaya and Tara got to meet Caleb and Troy. It was so neat to see all the kids together and at different stages! Hunter who is still in the womb was busy growing, Caleb at 3 months was eating and sleeping, Adaya at 7 months was laughing and playing but still able to be left in one spot, and Troy at 21 months was into everything and wouldn't sit still for even a moment. It was such a fun visit and was hard to say good-bye again!

Troy is making his most handsome face to impress Adaya!

All three kids trying to pose for a picture!

Everyone with their sun hats ready for the pool!