Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we took the kids to the Ranger Game.  The pre-game tribute to our military was very moving along with the fly-over and the huge flag displayed by the soldiers.  As the soldiers talked, they mentioned that they take an oath to give their life for others.  I felt so thankful that their are men and women who will do this for the freedom my family and I experience.  Truly, freedom is not free.  As I sat and listened, I was reminded of the ultimate "soldier", Jesus.  He also chose to give His life for others and for the same reason; freedom.  Freedom from worry and bitterness and anger and complacency, etc...  He desires for us to have an abundant life.  He died for us to have that abundant life yet so many of us still choose to worry or fear or hang on to that anger.  We are free because of Him!  I am thankful for our military for their sacrifice and for the One who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The game was a great one to watch with a ton of hits and a few home runs to set the fireworks off, which is Teague's favorite part.  

5 years ago we visited the KidZone so since we were back we recreated the picture.  The amount of growth in the kids is crazy when you put the two pictures side by side!  I sure do love these faces!

Friday, May 26, 2017

8th grade graduation

Koby has graduated from 8th grade!!  They had a nice ceremony at the school where they acknowledge each of the kids' achievements and then present them with their certificate.  Koby and his friends decided to wear bow ties and they all looked so handsome!

Koby had a basketball bow tie with matching cuff links!!

Koby with his cousin Jase.  They are some sharp dressed Hollingsworth men!

All the family came out to celebrate with Koby!

Koby has grown so much over these junior high years; athletically, academically and also in stature. He has all the qualities of a quiet leader.  He definitely gathers others to himself and then leads more by actions than words.  The Lord has started a good work in him and I am excited to see where He takes him through his high school career!  Congratulations, Koby!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Youth Leader Retreat

This weekend we had our first youth leader retreat. We rented a cabin on Lake Aquila and had such a great weekend bonding and planning and playing!  We started with dinner out on Friday night. 

Saturday morning we planned for mission trip. 

After lunch, we took a hike to the lake to skip rocks and look around.


Our cabin had a loft area with a pulley system to get your luggage up there! We had a good laugh watching Ryan and Haley Ann maneuver this apperatise! 

We had fun playing games and trying out charcoal facials! 

I feel so blessed that I not only get to serve in a ministry that I  love, but that I also get to serve alongside Richard! I love that the Lord brought our hearts together not only to love and raise our family, but also to serve Him together!