Friday, August 23, 2013

The summer of change!!

This summer has brought about so much change!!  The wedding started it all off and it's been a whirlwind ever since! I started back at Head Start a few weeks ago and I had this week off, so we decided paying 2 house payments was not fun and that we would attempt to squeeze all 7 of us into Richard's 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house in hopes that it will sell quickly and we can purchase something bigger.  All week we have been moving as much as we can into the house and the rest we are putting into storage.  However, on Wednesday I received a call from a school district in the area that I had applied for back in April and they asked if I was able to interview for a Kindergarten position in one hour.  I said "Of course" and went into high gear to change out of moving clothes and into interview clothes and gather my portfolio and my thoughts and my emotions!  I raced to the school and interviewed and within 3 hours after the interview they offered me the position and asked if I could start Thursday at 8am.  I was speechless!!  This is my dream job and it just fell into my lap.  

Wednesday evening I got home and shared everything with Richard and before we even went to bed I got a phone call from another Kindergarten teacher in the department welcoming me to the team.  I was brought back to my college days on how similar it felt to joining a sorority!!  I couldn't stop smiling all night!  Thursday night was Meet the Teacher so the whole school went into overdrive helping to get my class in order all day.  The principal was even in there putting up the huge tree in the corner.  I felt sooo loved by complete strangers that just embraced me!!  Different teachers would drop by to introduce themselves or drop off a sweet treat or school decorations they thought I could use.  The PTA dropped off a few school T-shirts for me and I also received a nice collared shirt with the school's logo.  Again, I am still speechless!  I called the community college I am attending to complete my certification to let them know I got the job and along with celebrating with me they also shared more good news.  The district that hired me is one of the few in the area that pays for the year of school I will be entering into this Fall!  What a huge blessing!!  Every step of the way it has been evident that God is blessing me far more than my expectations and I LOVE that He loves me that way!  It has been a crazy few days and a summer filled with many memories, but each one has been wonderful and special and planned out perfectly in God's timing!!

Here is a gift from a sweet little boy that will be in my class!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Baseball Wrap Up

The boys finished their baseball season with a bang!  They ended up winning first in their league and then 1st again in their Region and went on to State!  They didn't make it too far in the State tournament, but they played hard and were able to participate in a great experience at such a young age! 

Here they are with their first place Regional trophies!

 We won by one point!

They all played with such heart and truly deserved all the trophies and recognition they received.  Great job, boys!!