Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Koby's 10th birthday!

Koby moved into the double digits last week!  We had a fun night celebrating his birthday with the family on Tuesday and then he had a few friends over for a camp out over the weekend. 

I got him a scrapbook I had been keeping of all his basketball pictures from this season.  I know guys his age probably don't want scrapbooks, but he seemed like he really enjoyed looking back over all the pictures and reminiscing.

Richard got him a tablet that he had been asking for, so he was really excited about that!!

We let him blow out his candles and make a wish and then we enjoyed cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday, Koby!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Baseball season has begun!!  When it was time to sign up for the season, Teague and Baylee were the two that knew for sure that they wanted to play ball.  The other 3 were not for sure and went back and forth between playing and not playing, but when the final day came around to sign up, all 5 kids wanted to play!  Troy, Teague and Kelby are all on the same team and have been great fun to watch! 

Teague was all about buying baseball pants and gloves and bats, but at the very first practice he was not going to participate!!  Richard had to carry him out there and even then he didn't want to go too close so Richard stood with him away from the huddle!!  Luckily, by the second practice he was a little more willing to play, but his short attention span only allows for about 30 minutes of participation and then he will retreat to the dugout for some dirt playing!  They have nicknamed him 'skittles' because he can be bribed to play catcher and/or to bat with just a hand full of skittles!!

They had their first tournament last weekend and they were all ready to play!!

Kelby warming up to bat with big brother and his friend looking on!

Each player is required to play 2 innings so Teague played catcher.  It's the best place for the young ones in T-ball because all they really do is stand behind the plate with the coach or umpire. Here he is asking where his skittles are!

Coach Ray giving Teague some tips.

Troy warming up!

Ready to catch a ball, if needed!

Troy rounding second!

Teague running as fast as he can with his mouth wide open!  LOL

Troy waiting to advance

The boys ended up winning first in the tournament and were happy to receive their medals!!

Congratulations Cardinals!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

His new venture

Richard decided back at the end of last year that he wanted to try his hand in real estate. His dad owns several rental properties so he thought it might be beneficial to have his real estate license. He studied hard and took the tests relatively quickly in order to be able to take the big tests to receive his license. He had already prepared himself to not pass the first time, since many people had told him how difficult it is, but 30 minutes after his test was over I received a text saying  "I PASSED!!!"  I was so excited and proud of him!!  So, he has been actively pursuing buyers and sellers and working hard at learning this new trade.

He got his desk at Keller Williams all set up!

CLICK HERE to see his website and contact information.  And if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell, let him know.  If he can't directly help you because you don't live in the area, he can always refer you to someone who can help you!!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Opening Day 2013


I took the day off and we headed into Arlington early to meet my family for their annual pre-game tailgating party!!

Richard found this pinata at Party City and we couldn't resist!  It was a hit and even got me into the Dallas Morning News!!

We love baseball and we love hanging out and we love when the Rangers win!!  It was a wonderful day!!

Teague's 4th Birthday celebration

Teague's birthday fell on Easter Sunday and also the first game for the Ranger's so it was a busy day! It was a baseball themed birthday with baseball decorations, candles and gifts!  We had dinner, ate cake, watched the Ranger's game and celebrated Teague being 4!!

He also got a monster truck video and more monster trucks from Richard and the kids.

We even had cake and ice cream in the ball caps from the Ballpark in Arlington!

I also took cupcakes the following Monday to Teague's school so they could have a special treat at snack time!

Teague and all his friends!!

Happy 4th birthday big boy!!