Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Fitness Program

Troy and Kelby's classes had a Spring Fitness Program a few weeks back. Their grade did three different performances. A Bob the Builder song with rhythm sticks...

a cute little duck song where they were all dressed up like ducks...

and a slower song with the parachute.  They were all so cute and did a great job!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Date night with my parents!

My mom and dad came into town over the weekend to watch Bonnie Bishop in concert. My mom has gone on a music cruise several different years in a row and has started following certain musicians and Bonnie Bishop was one of her favorites and she was playing in town, so they decided to come visit for the weekend and take me and Richard. We did a little shopping, went to dinner and then to the concert. Bonnie Bishop was one of the first shows and she performed really well!! Then we watched Dustin Lynch. Easton Corbin was scheduled to play last, but we didn't make it to him because we were too tired! LOL! As we were walking out, mom saw Bonnie Bishop selling CD's, signing autographs and taking pictures so she jumped in line!  I think that was the highlight of her night!  It was a fun evening! I feel like Richard and I are getting a little spoiled with all of our date nights recently! I could definitely get used to this!

Baylee was kind of jealous she didn't get to come because she would have loved to see Easton Corbin, so Richard and I sent her a pic of us at the concert. We always make fun of her because she and her friends always through up the peace sign and do the duck lips, so this is for you, Bay!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! It was a wonderful day with lots of hugs, laughter and sugar!! The boys all had Valentine's parties at school so they came home hyper and ready to sort through their Valentine's boxes. My students brought me a ton of candy, on top of all the goodies from the party, so I was pretty saturated with sugar as well. Richard and I had tickets to the SING concert in town so we hired a sitter so we could do dinner and the show. To make our celebration even more sweeter, Richard took and PASSED his real estate exam, so that was wonderful news! I am so proud of him and we both are looking forward to this new direction that God is steering him in!

I had got all the kids a little box of goodies and Judy and Neal, Richard's in laws, also got the kids a little surprise. When we got home from school I had them at their spots at the table at my house and they loved getting more treats! Koby was at ball practice and Baylee was at Richard's parents, so they were not present for the picture, but they too got their goodies!  It was a great Valentine's day that I enjoyed spending with the people I love most!!

Richard and I only exchanged little gifts and called dinner and the show our gift.  I got him 6 little boxes filled with his favorite sweet treats and he got me a nice bottle of sangria for us to enjoy.  I think buying the "cutesy" gifts for everyone is one of my favorite parts of this day!!

Monday, February 11, 2013


The water portion part of the fast was super difficult!! From the very beginning I had said that as long as I was just battling hunger then I would try to stay strong, but if it became light headed or dizziness then I would end the fast early. Thursday was ok, most of the day. I didn't really feel hungry, which I haven't in a week or so, but I could tell I was so tired! It felt like I could close my eyes at any moment and sleep forever! That made work really tough, but I made it! Thursday night my parents were in town so we all went to dinner and I stayed strong with my glass of water! I went to bed super early and felt tolerable. Friday morning, however was a different story. Again, I was so tired and just had no energy or motivation really to move! Once I got to work I did a lot of sitting. I read and sang and did my whole lesson sitting. When it was time to go outside I told the kids to line up and I stood up too fast and found myself grabbing for a wall to hold myself up. That was it for me. I found some pineapple juice in my room and drank it to raise my blood sugar and texted Richard to see how he was doing. He seemed to be doing better than me, but I told him I was going back to juices and he didn't hesitate to ask what time my lunch was so we could meet at Jamba Juice!! LOL!! We were planning on ending the fast on Saturday anyways because we had plans for the weekend with friends, but I was hoping to make it through Friday. When Saturday came, we tried to eat normal, but we both noticed that we couldn't eat nearly the amount that we used to, so we just snacked.  By the time Saturday night rolled around we were both really looking forward to steak and never before have I appreciated the taste of food so much.  It was delicious and we savored every bite. 

Then we were off to the comedy club. It was a good show with good company!

Afterwards, we were hungry again so we went to The Cheesecake Factory. Richard got the red velvet cheesecake and I got the chocolate chip cookie dough. YUM!!! It was a great, relaxing weekend that we truly enjoyed every moment of!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I can see the light!

The juice/broth portion of the fast is over and as much as I didn't want it to come, now I really don't want to see it go!! We tried our blender concoctions a few times and Richard just wasn't digging the consistency of them. It was more like applesauce and less like juice. But then our friend, Jacob told us about Jamba Juice and we became VERY good customers of theirs over the last 5 days!! Just going to Jamba Juice so often we ran into several church members that we see at church but never talk to, and this was a great opportunity to break the ice a bit and start talking to people, so I really enjoyed that.

Also, we signed up for a few times to go to the church and pray.  In Chronicles it talks about how David pitched a tent for the ark of God.  So, our church tried to create the atmosphere of David's Tent as a place where our 24 hour prayer would take place over the 15 day stretch.  My first time to go was Saturday morning and I didn't know what to expect.  I punched in the code and slowly went in.  The guy that had signed up for the time slot right before me was gathering his things and waved good-bye, but no words were exchanged.  There was soft music in the background, candles were the only lighting, couches, blankets, kneeling benches, large pillows on the floor, coffee tables with pens, Bibles, paper and tissue.  It was so serene.  I just sat there for awhile and took it all in.  It truly did feel like the Spirit of God was just hanging out in there.  I read a few verses, prayed for those that He brought to mind, and then just sat in His presence again.  As I heard the next person enter, I knew my time must be up, but I didn't want to go.  (and I could have stayed, but I wanted to give the next person the privacy I was given to worship and pray however they wanted without the presence of anyone else around.)  SO I gathered my things and headed out, revived and energized!  It was really neat!

On Saturday night, they have what is called Encounters.  There is no real structure to it other than they have a prayer room, a prophetic room and a healing room available for those that get there early and sign up.  In the main room the worship team is playing music continuously, but there is no message.  You are free to worship or pray or visit, and come and go as you want.  The freedom of it was something I had never experienced.  I really wanted to sign up for the prophetic room, but I was hesitant and it filled up.  I was a little bummed, but figured we could go again next month and I could sign up.  But God knew my heart and surprised me.  During Sunday morning worship, a young woman walked up to me and asked if she could pray over me.  Of course, I said yes!  In the middle of her prayer she stopped and said God had given her a vision for me.  She said she saw a history or genealogy book and that my name was in it and the legacy I would leave would be remembered for generations and generations to come.  She immediately went back to praying and then hugged me and returned to her seat.  It was unreal!  First, because I couldn't believe God met the desire of my heart, since I was unable to get into the prophetic room the night before.  Second, because I have felt that calling for about a year now.  My very first time at that church last spring, I felt God telling me He had a big job for me within these children He has given me.  I have not taken that lightly, but it does get overwhelming at times.  I know there is a reason He blessed me with not 2 children, but 5!  As I desire to be a Proverbs 31 woman I know the hard work it's going to take to raise these kids to fear God, but what a great reward in the end!  Her vision only confirmed what I already knew and rejuvenated me to continue to fulfill what God has called me to do.

This journey has been amazing already and we haven't even started the hard part!!  The hunger pangs have completely gone away and the battle seems more mental with my self control, more than anything, of me just wanting to eat.  I am also noticing that I take a lot of comfort in food.  I love cooking it,  eating it, and savoring it.  I miss that and really look forward to that part again!  So today starts water only, which is scary but we do see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I'm hoping we can continue to stay strong as we continue to keep our eyes on God and pray His heart!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

The next 5 days

So we finished our first 5 days of the Daniel fast. It was neat to see what exactly my body was going to do and how I respond to it. We started Sunday night at 6pm and I kept looking at the clock thinking "what else can I eat real quick?" Like if I stuffed it in before 6pm then that would somehow make it easier?1?! As the week went on, surprisingly, I didn't find myself too hungry at any point in time, but I did notice that I was getting very little satisfaction from what I was eating. I am so used to eating what I want, when I want, and truly enjoying it. Although I love fruits and vegetables, when you can't eat meat, dairy, or carbs, it seems like that is all I wanted! I would be a horrible dieter!! So, at the end of the night I would not be hungry, but would still be craving satisfaction in what I was eating.

Also, the first day or two back at school after the weekend, ALL the books I was reading to the kids had to do with food!! Really?!!? And today my co-teacher bought and fresh and homemade! UGH!! The torture!! But, so far we have stayed strong! I have been doing a ton of praying alone for all the prayer needs I have come across, which seemed to multiple just in a week! And Richard and I have also done more collective praying than usual, which has been nice.

Tonight starts juices and broths only.  I have things in bags in the fridge to help with the preparation, which would totally throw me off if I didn't have it ready when I felt those hunger pangs.  I am praying that we can continue to stay strong, find our strength in Him and finish this thing out!!

Tomorrow's lunch...Tropical Envy...I  know you all are envious!!  ;)