Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beach Trip

After Christmas, we spent the weekend on South Padre Island. The weather was great for two days and a little cool for two days, but we had a lot of fun. We went with Uncle Travis, and Aunt Audrey and Javier, and Troy really enjoyed playing with them. We boogie boarded and made sand castles and collected shells on the warm days, and then saw the sea turtles at the refuge and went on an Eco Boat Tour on the cool days. Troy was scared at first when we went out on the beach, due to the noise of the ocean, then after a minute or so he tore across the sand as fast as he could. Once he realized he could go in the water, he waded out and first thought the ground was moving with the ebb and flow of the water and he almost fell over, but it didn't take long for him to figure out his feet didn't move with the water and he would run back and forth from the waves, which was hours of fun by itself. There were not many people there so nothing was ever crowded and we never had to wait for anything which helps when you have a toddler! I think Troy really enjoyed his first vacation!

Troy got to hold a starfish on our Eco Tour. We didn't see any dolphins but they drug a net behind the boat and we got to look at alot of marine life, which was neat.

This is Jerry, a huge turtle that was healing at the refuge.

On the boat trip.

Troy loved feeding the birds on the beach.

The Arlitt Four Christmases

We felt like the movie "Four Christmases" this year as we spent Christmas with everyone this season. My parents and sister came up to Georgetown for a weekend. We did Christmas with them along with some shopping and baking. It was good to see them even though this was our Christmas year with the Arlitt's. Then we headed to Fredericksburg for a Christmas with Oma and Opa, Nana and Grandpa, and last with Great Oma. We almost didn't have enough room to carry all of Troy's toys back with us!! We are so blessed to have a family that loves us so much!

Daniel and his Dad bought these matching mugs at the Hershey Factory when Daniel was a little boy and now Troy and Daniel got to drink out of them!

Oma and Troy playing with a puzzle and playing tractors.

Troy's favorite Llama - Walkie Talkie

Nana and Troy making snickerdoodles.

Troy playing dumptrucks with Amber and Papa. He would blow his whistle and everyone would have to follow him with their trucks through the house.

Monday, December 08, 2008

6 months

I had my 6 month check up today and was scheduled just to hear the heartbeat, which is not very fun, but when the dr. came in she asked if we knew what it was because she didn't write anything down in my chart. I told her at first it was a girl and last time it was a boy. So she said if we could wait for the ultrasound room to open up she would look again! I was so excited, and Daniel was there this time too. So she checked and we still have baby Teague! She said he is starting to fill out and has the cutest little fat cheeks already. I am so glad she looked again and now we can say 100% baby boy!

Sitting with Santa

The Georgetown Library always has fun activities, but this one was one of their best. Their Holiday Party included a quartet of brass instruments playing Christmas music. They also had two tables set up, one with holiday treats and the other with crafts. First, Santa arrived and sat in his big red chair and then read a Christmas story, then we all sang with the quartet and the kids even got little jingle bells on ribbon to shake while we sung. Then they said we could go sit in Santa's lap, eat, or do crafts. With so much to do the mass of people were spread out and after we ate and made an art project, we only waited in line 10 minutes to see Santa! It was a "bring your own camera" event, but I think it went so smoothly! When it was Troy's turn I coaxed him up there by telling him Santa would give him a sucker for sitting in his lap. So, of course, when Santa asks what do you want for Christmas the reply was "a sucker!" I don't know if Santa understood what he was saying but when it was all over Troy did get a candy cane, and he was so happy!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This Thanksgiving was so eventful! Along with getting to see all my family, Brylee was born and I was able to even stay an extra week to spend more time with her and Tanna. This year was the first year Troy was able to really play with with the boys so of course he was out there trying to play guns. Luckily Uncle Blake helped him out but it didn't take him long to figure out how to shoot and the object of the game was not to get shot! He would even yell RELOAD and go collect the darts to refill his gun! He also got into reading all the ads in the newspaper, Papa gave him the toy section and he saw Thomas the train and Elmo right off the bat and pointed it out to us! Guess we know what he wants for Christmas! We really had a great time over the holidays and I was glad not to be rushed in having to get back home!

I think the gun is bigger than Troy!

"Look at this"

Troy kissing Brylee's foot