Saturday, September 22, 2012

First lost tooth!

Troy lost his first tooth!! It was a little loose and just that was so exciting to him!! We read books about loose teeth and I bought a story book/journal/tooth fairy pillow that he was looking forward to using. Once the tooth fell out, he tucked the tooth into the pillow and put that pillow under his pillow on his bed. I loved playing the tooth fairy and then seeing his face when he woke up! He sat straight up and through his pillow on the ground looking for his money. He was all smiles!! I asked if he saw the tooth fairy when she came and he said "No, I guess I was too sleepy!" Teague also said he didn't see the tooth fairy, but he thought he might have heard her! Lol! He is definitely a character!!

Here is Troy with his cash that he decided to save in his piggy bank.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

First Day of School!!

The first day of school was great for all the kids! Koby is starting 4th grade and is one of the big kids on campus. Troy and Kelby both said the first day was a lot of fun and their teachers were really nice. They were not put in the same class, so Richard and I were happy about that. They tend to be a handful sometimes when they are together. Baylee is starting 7th grade and is the little fish in the sea again. I loved hearing her stories of attempting to find her classes and getting lost and even sitting in on the wrong class for a bit before realizing that is not where she needed to be! Teague and I are at the same school and I get to see him everyday at recess, which is really fun!! He acts like he's been there for years and runs into class everyday! I think 2012-2013 is going to be a great year!!

Teague ran into his class on the first day and found the trucks and had them lined up before I even had him signed in!! There were no tears and I could barely get a good-bye hug and kiss!