Monday, August 25, 2014

First day of school

I am so thankful the kids started school a day earlier than me. There is no way I could have gotten myself ready and them as well. Everyone had their first day outfit on and got up fairly easy. Roy and Lynette were so kind to fix us bacon and toast for breakfast.

This year each one of them had a first. Baylee started her freshman year in high school.
Baylee, even though we didn't walk you into school today, we were thinking about you just the same as you started your first day in high school.  We are praying you have a year filled with joy and excitement and that this year would be just the beginning of all the fun high school can bring. 

Koby started his first day in junior high.
Koby, junior high can be a tough few years as you navigate your way through finding who you are, but we are praying that you look to God to see who He created you to be. Always know that that is matter what the world says!

Kelby and Troy both started their first day of 2nd grade at a new school.
Kelby, we hope your first day at a new school was not too scary. We are so proud of your bravery in new situations. We pray you have a great year in 2nd grade!

Troy, we loved seeing you walk right in to your class today. You are really starting to come out of your shell. We pray that your year in 2nd grade is full of fun and new experiences.

Teague started his first day of Kindergarten.
Teague, you sure did make today even more difficult by screaming and crying when we dropped you off! But we were relieved when the school called mid-morning to let us know you were all smiles again. You are so social and we know you are going to love school and love learning. 

Our biggest prayer for each one of you is that you seek to find who God made you and then walk in that with confidence. Be a leader where God has put you and always choose compassion as you interact with those around you. School can be tough, but we know God has great plans starting even now for each of you. We love you!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The upcoming school year

The school year has begun for the teachers. We had Convocation yesterday and iSummit today. Lots of new knowledge and fresh energy is making jumping back into school easier. Last year was such a whirlwind since I was hired 2 days before school started, so this year I am attending a lot of things that I didn't last year. The Convocation was wonderful. Mr. Kajutani, CA teacher of the year, spoke to us and had some wonderful thoughts! Our district initiative this year is building a legacy, which I thought was fitting since my One Word this year is legacy. So as I strive to build a legacy at home I will also be trying to do the same in my classroom. The morning ended with the band, cheerleaders and dance team performing for us.

I also was able to decorate my classroom this year, which was so fun! Our school's theme this year is camping so off I went looking on Pinterest and asking friends for any ideas. I hope the kids walk in next week and love the environment.

As I've walked in and out of my room and wiped down tables and chairs I can't help but think of the little bodies that will be sitting in there next week. Moms and dads will bring their child to school, most for the first time, and entrust me to fill a big role as they leave their precious 5 year old and drive away. I've prayed over each table and each chair and hope if nothing else, they leave kindergarten with a love for learning and knowing that their teacher cared for them greatly.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Youth weekend

This past weekend we took the youth group to Richard's friend's horse camp. Richard and Jason were in ministry together several years back until Jason and his family moved to central Texas to start a Christian horse camp. We always love going down to visit. This time we took our own crew plus the youth group!! The youth were helping to paint floors in the dining hall and fix the fences around the camp. 

The weekend consisted of a little work and a lot of play! We roasted hot dogs and s'mores on Friday night. Then, after they finished the floors on Saturday we went on a covered wagon ride to feed the horses and catfish around the camp.

Then, Jason gave us a devotional using Pal, the horse. It was perfect for the youth!

Then we rode horses. 

I think the boys liked all the animals the best out of anything else we did. They were constantly wanting to watch them or hold them or feed them. 

We also played sand volleyball, went swimming and went to church Sunday morning at the church where Jason pastors. The weekend was packed full and the boys fit in seamlessly with all the youth! They are already asking when we can go back! What great memories!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

His smile

Over the past 3 1/2 years I've seen the many faces of Richard when I grab the camera and say "smile".

Some are silly, 

Some are over excited,

Some look confused

And some are just half smiles.

Unfortunately, when we started dating we were not young and carefree. We had baggage and children and guarded hearts.  But, over the last 6 months I've noticed a change in his smile. It's less forced, it's deeper, it's real. From behind the camera, my heart jumps every time I see one of his real smiles. I know God is healing his heart and I'm grateful I'm getting to witness the transformation and thankful that the joy of life is returning for him.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

GG's birthday

Mom's theme for GG's birthday was a Tea Room. She had all her china out with frilly table cloths and lots of fresh flowers.

For the meal, it was all finger foods. Everything came in its own little serving dish with a tiny utensil to eat it, if necessary. We had blueberry corn salad, chicken salad croissants, asparagus ham roll ups and even blue jello! It was all amazing. Every bite was an adventure of taste!

Mom invited GG's sister and her family to come too so it was so nice to see all of them! My four boys loved playing with the other two boys that came! First, it was ball in the front yard and then it was piggy back rides inside! 

We had turtle cheesecake for dessert and then she opened gifts.

Happy Birthday, GG! You look so beautiful and I'm so glad we could all celebrate you together!!