Friday, December 30, 2011

Closing 2011

For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about the past year. I loved choosing one word and trying to see everything that I do through the lens of that one word. To read how I chose my 2011 word click here. I loved the word Adventure and after 52 weeks of trying to make everything an adventure, it comes pretty easy for me now. It's weird to look back and think that I wasn't like this. I mean, I have always loved a good time, but if it didn't match my timeline or fit into my plan then it upset me. I now see the things that happen off plan are the things that are truly going to be an adventure and I try not to have a bad attitude about it, but make the most of the moment. And since it's not so planned out, it's very exciting to see how each experience will play out.  I really enjoyed my year of adventure and I'm happy with the person it has shaped me to be.   As 2012 begins, I can't wait to get started on my new word!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time with the girls

It worked out perfect that Tanna and Laura were both in town over the holidays so we were all able to spend one afternoon catching up face to face rather than on the phone or through email!  Laura and I only had one kid each and Cerly Grace slept the whole time, so with only 3 little ones around we actually did more talking than we did chasing!!  It was so nice!!  I love these girls soooo much and couldn't imagine my life without them!!  It was a great afternoon!!

Teague and Brylee decided to have a picnic right in the middle of floor!!
Sweet Karis putting on her chapstick

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A day out

After Christmas it seems like all the boys want to do is get out of the house and run off some energy. There is only so long you can play indoors with toys, even though there were a ton of toys to choose from. We decided to take them to the mall which has a ton of things to do besides shop. At first Troy wanted to ice skate, but once he saw it he decided that he did not  want to try it, so we decided to ride on the carousel, eat lunch and then go to the bounce house area. The boys loved running and jumping and playing without being told no or stop or calm down!  After a couple of hours they were worn out and ready for naps.  What an easy way to tire two boys out!! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas is my favorite holiday and having kids just makes it that much more exciting. To see and hear their anticipation makes me feel like a kid again!! I love giving surprises and it was a lot of fun staying up late and getting all the toys ready...although me and my sister had quite a struggle with one of the Hot Wheels tracks. At one point we were laughing so hard that there was no way we were making any forward progress. But to see the boys play with it the next day was worth it!

Making cookies for Santa
Santa brought them lots of goodies in their stockings and also two different race tracks.  Plus Blake got them a race track so we have no shortage in race tracks or cars!!

Both boys got suitcases that they loved loading and unloading and pulling around.
It was a Rangers Christmas for the boys too.  They each got a hoodie, baseball glove and Troy got a Rangers football and Teague got a Rangers soccer ball.  We are ready for baseball season now!!

Sonja got a Texas Rangers license plate cover
Teague playing peek a boo!
Amber had a silly photo shoot with the boys!

Hot tub with all the girls while the boys watched a movie.

Spending time with the ones I love the best is my favorite part of Christmas!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adventure #21

My mom has started a tradition that we will do one big outing each Christmas.  This year she decided Medieval Times would be fun for the boys, and she was right,  they LOVED it!!  Troy would hardly take his eyes away to eat or take pictures.  He would yell for our knight and boo for the others.  Each challenge was fun to watch and the fighting at the end was great, too!!  I know they will remember this night for a long time to come and I am voting we go back again next year!!

Here is Troy getting his crown! 
Blake bought the boys swords that light up

The boys had a sword fight with the guy selling the swords.
Our knight was the yellow knight
The procession of knights, horses and flags was amazing!!

The boys' were soooo enthralled by the action!

The knights that completed each challenge successfully would throw a flower into the crowd of the color that was cheering for them.  Look who caught a flower!!
It's kinda dark, but here is our picture with the king.  Teague was not about to put a crown on his head or get close to the king, so this picture is a perfect representation of his night. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas with the Hollingsworths

Since we wouldn't be together on Christmas day, Richard and I and the kids exchanged gifts yesterday. I always love seeing the expressions on their faces when they open their gifts!!

Cars, cars and more cars for the boys!!

Koby's face was the best.  He had been wanting a braided titanium necklace for awhile and Richard was nice enough to let me take that idea and surprise Koby with it!!  He loved it!!

For Richard, I did a Rangers themed stocking...Hamilton shirt, lanyard and ticket from the World Series, Rangers pic...and he loves beef jerky, so some of that too!!

Putting batteries in the remote control cars that Richard's parents got the boys.
I got Baylee tickets to see Wicked in February so we will have our own girls night out then, but I also stuffed her stocking with ear rings, nail polish and make up to play with while the boys played cars.
Richard got me a Texas Tech necklace, a gorgeous cross to add to my cross wall and this figurine of a mom and two boys!!  I love it!!  Richard's parents were so thoughtful and got me a throw for my couch that is sooooo soft!  Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year and I'm so glad to be making so many wonderful memories with the Hollingsworths!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Adventure #20

I remember going to look at Christmas lights many years ago, before kids came into the picture, and thinking it would be so much better to go look at lights and not have to worry about driving!!  Last night, that dream came true!!  Richard and I rented a stretch SUV and took all the kids, some of their friends, Richard's parents and some of Richard's friends to go look at the Blora Christmas lights.  We all met at Chuy's for dinner and were to be picked up afterwards.  We had kept it all a secret from the kids so when we walked out of the restaurant, the above picture is what we saw.  The boys all said "cool, that limo is awesome."  I asked them who they thought was inside and they said they didn't know but thought is was an awesome car.  I slowly walked to the door and told them we should look inside.  They all looked at me like I was crazy and told me I shouldn't open the door.  When I did open the door and they saw nobody was in there we told them to get in and that this was ours for the night!  To say they were surprised would be an understatement!!  The looks on their faces and hearing their excitement was priceless!!  The lights were great and the company was great and the whole experience was better than I could have imagined!!    Even today I heard all the boys playing and talking about how they rode in a limo last night!!  This was definitely one of my more memorable adventures and I hope it was for all the kids as well!!
Baylee and Kinsey
Richard's mom and dad
James and Alissa

Teague and Kelby and Troy loved the lights and would go back and forth from one window to the next looking at everything.