Sunday, July 20, 2014

Anniversary celebrations

1 year!!! Our anniversary couldn't have come at a better time this summer.  Between the fireworks store, the kids going to state tournaments in ball, finishing my school classes at MCC, youth camp, selling the house and moving in with Richard's parents...we are exhausted!! So we decided to pamper ourselves. Friday night we went to the hibachi grill for steak and lobster. It was to die for!!

Then we thought 'why not get a hotel for the night?' Richard wanted one with a hot tub, but we had no swim suits so that wouldn't work, but to our surprise the only room they had available was the spa room with a jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room! So we took it!! I love how God takes care of even our smallest desires!

We enjoyed sleeping in and a hot breakfast the next morning. Then we were off for a couples' massage. 

Then, for our last stop, we went for pedicures. Richard had never had a pedicure before so since he always wants me to give him a foot rub, I thought he would enjoy a pedicure. So after an hour massage, we then sat in the massage chairs and had our feet rubbed for another 30 minutes! 

We returned back to the real world refreshed and rejuvenated!

One year ago I was privileged to become one with Richard! Every day is not easy, because the enemy will try to destroy anything that is sacred, but everyday is an opportunity to love sacrificially.  Our life is not perfect, but we are hoping to be a reflection of how good God's love and mercy is for his children.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It sold!!!

The house finally sold! After about a year on the market, it finally sold!! We have been slowly moving out, but didn't want to do too much because we were nervous it would fall through. The final walk through was last night and Richard will sign the papers at noon today! Praise The Lord!!! We had Jacob, Michael, and Roy out to help with the big stuff.

We are so thankful for these guys and the muscle they brought to help make the process more efficient. 

Lynette and Roy have graciously let us stay with them until we find a place. This is such a huge answered prayer and we are excited to move forward in finding a place to call our own.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Student Life Camp

Richard and I and two other leaders took 19 students to Durango, Colorado for a week of youth camp. Pastor Booker prayed us off Sunday morning and the kids were super excited for the road trip.

We had two vans loaded with kids and the two most popular questions during the trip were "are we out of Texas yet?" and "can we stop, I have to pee?"  

We finally made it out of Texas and they screamed and squealed like we had entered Heaven!

The scenery was beautiful on the drive into Colorado. Once we got there we checked in and unpacked.

The week was filled with worship, a great speaker and lots of recreational games.

We got to take a picture with the speaker, Ben.

During one of the morning gatherings they called several leaders on stage to play a game and they called my name. Surprisingly, I won and was honored to carry around the coveted pink flamingo all day!

During the evening time we would meet together as a church group. This was such a special bonding time for all of us! These two girls practiced and lead us in worship one night! It was amazing!

As a leader, we were also responsible for leading a Family Group. I got 10th-12th graders from a couple different churches and had so much fun getting to know them all week. 

We had 3 students accept Christ this week! It was really neat to see how the Lord worked in their hearts. What a blessing to be apart of this special commitment!

On the last day we were there, we decided to attempt to climb a mountain. It was rough terrain, but after about an hour of climbing and helping each other along, we made it to the top! We were very proud of our accomplishment!

Camp was a wonderful experience!! And we definitely could not have done it without the help of a Jasmine and Mary Zane! They were the perfect addition to this trip and selflessly gave up a week of their lives to pour into these students! 

We are so thankful that God has put us back in a position where we can serve youth. This week has been a great reminder of God's purpose for our lives and our passion for youth!

Student Life Camp ~ Durango, Colorado

Saturday, July 05, 2014

July 4th

This year Richard and i had the youth come out to help run the Firework Store on July 3rd and July 4th. Some kids were working to go to camp and others came out just to help. We received so many compliments on their helpfulness and great attitudes while working with the customers.  We are super proud of these kids for the hard work and long hours they put in to help make it successful!

By the end of the night we had sold almost all of it!!!