Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baylor Intern

This semester I was so blessed to be able to have an intern from Baylor.  Rebecca seamlessly joined our class in January and the kids just fell in love with her!  She spent the semester observing and planning and trying new things in her lessons.  It was fun watching her explore what teaching is all about and I was honored to give her a classroom in which she could do that.  In this year of  leading, I really enjoyed being able to open up my room and let God stretch and grow me in my own teaching practices.  I think I learned just as much from Rebecca as she did from me!  We were a great team and she will be greatly missed!


Sunday, April 24, 2016


Koby is officially a teenager!! We started the morning off with honey buns and his gift; a teenage survival kit.

The rest of the day we spent preparing for his party. Koby wanted to have some friends out to the house so we had yard games, a few inflatables, the basketball court and lots of food! Richard loved the fact that Koby and his friends were able to get out and put away their own inflatables!  He was able to just man the grill and sample all the food!

Troy, Kelby and Teague were right along with the big boys playing and jumping!

It was perfect weather for an outdoor party and all his friends were so helpful and respectful and in my books that equals success!!

This was the first picture I have of all the boys together when Richard and I started dating. Koby was in third grade and into cars and nerf guns...

Now he's into sports and girls! How quickly those little boy years go!
Koby: I can not express to you how proud I am of who you are growing into! We get more compliments about you than you know and it's just affirming in us how mature you are becoming.  I pray that as you navigate through your teenage years that you will continue to seek God and let Him shape all those wonderful things He put inside you!  I love you!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Teague's Party

Teague has never had a sleepover before so that is what he wanted to do for his party. He invited three friends from his school and the four of them had the best time! They played on the bounce house, rode go carts, ate hot dogs and cake, opened presents and watched movies. They were a great bunch to have over and Teague loved being the center of it all!  

Playing bean boozled!

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Opening Day

Our traditional opening day festivities were a blast, as usual. Richard brought a couple of guys from church who had never been to opening day. It was so fun to watch them take in each experience; from tailgating with hundreds of fans to the huge flag and fighter jet fly over with the national anthem to staying late to watch the players leave just to see what car they drive. It really is a one if a kind day! 

We're looking forward to a great seasons, Rangers! Play Ball!!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Hits Deep Tour

We took the youth to the Hits Dee Concert Tour.  Toby Mac along with about 6 other bands put on an amazing show! The music was great and to be in a place with that many believers singing in voice is always soul moving! I can't wait for Heaven!

At the end of the concert all the artists were on stage singing as confetti rained down. It was one of the best concerts I've been to!!