Friday, December 31, 2010


Here are some pictures of Christmas. The boys got WAY too many gifts and we had to leave some of them at my parent's house because everything would not fit in my car to take home.

While in the Metroplex, we went the the ICE exhibit. Everything in the pictures is made from ice and to keep it all from melting they have to keep it super cold, so they give you parkas to wear while you go through. At the end, we enjoyed hot chocolate and meeting Snoopy. It was a lot of fun!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One day changes everything

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. I was finally getting the boys back after a week of them being gone and my best friend, Tanna was scheduled to deliver her sweet baby girl. I was driving to Waco with my family to get the boys while my sister checked Facebook to check on Tanna's progress. I then get a voice mail from a friend in Lubbock telling me to check Facebook concerning Brie and Eric Gomez, another friend of ours who used to live in Lubbock. In a moment I find out Brie and Eric were in a car accident. They rushed them to the hospital along with their two girls. The two girls and Eric were released with just a few injuries, but Brie had severe head trauma. The doctors were able to deliver and stabilize their 30 week old baby boy, Curran Blaec, but Brie passed away.

In a moment, life is different.

I was excited to see my boys again, happy that Tanna's delivery went well and Cerly was healthy, and saddened when I thought of Eric and those children. I wonder if God gives an angel and takes an angel? As baby Cerly entered the world, we were all rejoicing and loving on her and just staring at her in all her little baby perfection. I wonder if Jesus and the angels were doing the same in Heaven when Brie entered into the Kingdom?

Brie was the model Christian woman, wife, mother and friend. She would daily send me verses and check on me and send me books to read while I struggled through divorce. She would always give you a straight answer and you could trust it was said with a lot of thought, prayer behind it, and only out of love. The legacy she left was indescribable, but attainable only for those who truly chase God as she did. Her blog always talked about beauty out of chaos and as much as my heart breaks for the family she left behind, I know God will bring beauty out of it all, in time. Please join me in praying for Eric, Mali, 6, Eleri, 1, and Curran, preemie. God draws near to the broken hearted and I have no doubt His glory will be seen through their healing and Brie's work here on earth. If you knew Brie and want to help the family, a fund has been set up:
Happy State Bank (806) 373-2265
Eric Gomez and the Curran Blaec Gomez fund

One day can change everything; could be a happy change, could be a sad change,but either way God can always be glorified, if you continue to trust Him.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


My Boyfriend Rocks...

because he has a great sense of humor. He loves to joke around and is very witty. This is not in my innate personality but I really enjoy this part of Chris' personality and he is bringing me out of my shell. He has the ability to make a stiff situation light and can always make me smile with just a word or two, which works well in his favor if we are arguing ;) I've heard that one of the greatest qualities for a good relationship is humor and as long as Chris is around I have no doubt that I will always have laughter in my life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My sister

I am so lucky to have Amber as my sister. Last weekend, me and the boys were able to attend her graduation. She is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy. It was so much fun to see where she went to all her classes and to meet her professors. She and her group of friends all looked beautiful and all were so happy to have come to the end of this part of their lives together. Troy was really into watching her as she entered the auditorium and then going with my dad towards the front to get a picture as she walked across the stage and was hooded. It was weird hearing that my baby sister is now Dr. Amber Pippen?!!? How is that possible?? But, I know it's all of her hard work and dedication and I am so proud of her!