Friday, June 24, 2011

Swim lessons

Troy had his annual swim lessons this week. Before class started, we had already been to the pool several times and I was impressed with what he remembered from last year. He was jumping in from the side and going under and practicing his arm strokes. He always complains about having to go because she pushes him out of his comfort zone, but he learns so much and it's increasing his confidence in the water, too. He can now jump in the water where he can't touch, turn around, swim to the side and pull himself out. Kids around the water always heightens my awareness, but knowing he can get out if he fell in by accident makes me feel better! He did great this year, and as a reward...we will be going to see Cars 2!!!

Here are Troy's classmates.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Oh the joys of having boys!! Here is a video of Troy being tackled by Teague. He may be little but he is rough and Troy better watch out!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pflugerville Triathlon

This weekend I participated in the Pflugerville Triathlon. It has been about a year since I have raced, but I was pleasantly surprised with how I did! Besides the strong winds, the race was on a great course and it's always fun to race with my friends! My favorite part of the race was crossing the finish line and being handed a water bottle, an ice cold towel and a popcicle! My pics didn't turn out too great but here they are anyways!

Getting my gear ready before the race!

Susanne, Rachel and me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adventure #8

On the radio station I listen to in the morning they had a spot about the 'Headline of your Heart'. They were talking about how everyone has something that consumes their thoughts or mind or is always on their heart. It changes throughout life, and some things last longer than others. Here are some examples: a mom getting ready to give birth; all she can think about is that baby, the nursery, the name, how the baby will look, etc... Or the new graduate looking for a job, always searching in newspapers or on the internet and going to interviews. Or even a family preparing for a trip...deciding on a destination, making reservations, booking excursions, buying and choosing what to pack. We all have something that we find ourselves thinking about on a daily basis. Right now, the headline of my heart is dating, and wow, has it been an adventure!

I decided that one thing I wanted to do was to truly date. This is really not in my nature, because I love being in a committed relationship, but it had been so long since I have dated, I thought it would be good to get out there and see what God could teach me. I decided to give one of the internet dating websites a try and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have probably been on 10+ dates and have not had a single bad experience, and I have learned so much! As a single mom, I feel that the internet dating was a great way to go. It's efficient and I am not wasting any time on guys that I don't have common interests with and connect with. I have also learned that I am getting very good at recognizing good fruit from bad fruit and very quickly too, which again is a time saver!

One of the things that surprised me was the fact that I can have a lot in common with someone, but have little connection with them in person. This seemed to come into play when I started looking at the spiritual side of the guy. At this age and place in my life, just saying I want a Christian mate is too general. There are Christian guys out there, but I am finding that their spiritual maturity along with their own personal circumstances plays a huge part into how much we can relate to each other.

When I first started this process I had a list a mile long of 'must haves' and as I have met different guys along the way I am starting to see that there are only a few key areas that I absolutely will not budge on. First and foremost, he must be a man, not a boy. You would think this would be a given considering I am dating guys in their 30's, but sadly, most guys are still boys and have yet to step into being a true man, the way God created them. I saw a quote once that read: 'Good men have character like God's character. Godly men have character that IS God's character' That sums it up for me in the boy vs. man category. I feel like a true man will know three things: He knows what he wants, he knows how to love, and he knows how to lead.

I'm not sure if this season in my life is to find a mate or just to pinpoint what exactly I desire in my next mate, but the adventure has been fun and the lessons, I know, will prove to be invaluable.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Super Heros!

The boys have wanted capes for awhile and I saw a tutorial a few months back and thought this would be a great summer project for when I am at home with more time on my hands. I never did find the exact tutorial I saw originally, but I think they still turned out great. So we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up all the supplies and headed home to get to work. Surprisingly, it only took me about 20 minutes to do both of them and they were running around the house "getting the bad guys" before I knew it!! They have worn them ever since and when we are out running errands they get the most comments from men, who just smile and say 'nice cape!' and Troy and Teague just laugh and say thanks!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


For our 3rd annual girls weekend we chose Galveston. We all just wanted to go and do nothing, so the perfect place for that is the beach! Becca and I got pedicures on Friday afternoon and we headed out Friday evening. It was so nice to get down there and have no itinerary. Saturday morning we made our way to the beach. We talked most of the time but I got to read, Lisa boogie boarded, and Becca was a nice afternoon! Once we decided we were hungry we headed to find food and noticed a pod of dolphins. I wasn't able to get a picture because they were quick to go back under and sporadic as to where they would resurface, but it was a treat to see them out playing and for them to be so close to us. The rest of the trip consisted of a lot of eating and, of course, more talking, but we had such a wonderful time! I think it was just what each of us needed!!

Lisa boogie boarding!

At Landry's for dinner

We stopped for lunch on the way home at Must be Heaven and loved their desserts!! Coconut Pie, Chocolate Pie and Bread Pudding! Yummy!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Adventure #7

Well, we are half way through the year and I can't believe I am blogging Adventure #7. This has definitely been an eventful 6 months filled with things that just don't happen that often...this adventure being one of them...

At the end of April, I was in a car accident. It was very minor and completely my fault. The car in front of me was going to turn left and accelerated to do so and then hit her brakes when the car she was waiting on didn't do what she had thought, and I was unable to hit my brakes fast enough to keep from hitting her. We were all fine, besides being a little stunned! I hadn't been in an accident since high school, and to have the boys in the car was even more unnerving, but everything and everyone was able to drive away.

The next day I had my car looked at and they gave me an estimate. The repair shop couldn't get me in for two weeks so I just continued to drive it. Once it was in the shop, they called and said there was extensive damage under the hood and the insurance guy would contact me soon. Sure enough, the insurance man called and they were going to have to total it. I was shocked! I was driving it!! It was a fender bender going no more than 15 mph! Everything appeared to be ok!! But, he said there was damage to the frame, radiator and transmission, so that was that.

Here is a picture of the damages

So I had to clean out my car, mail in the title and keys and wait for a check. Luckily, I know a great guy that goes to my church who sells cars and who I trust completely. He had a few picked out for me to choose from given the criteria I gave him and I found two that I liked. I then consulted my dad and narrowed it down to "the one!" (Don't you wish choosing a man were that easy) Once the check came in the mail, I was signing papers and an hour later driving off the lot! I am now the proud owner of a Nissan Pathfinder.

HAD to have a third row this time around!

The boys seem to like it a lot and Troy keeps referring to it as our SUV. He couldn't wait to show my dad how the seats fold up and down.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Last day of school!!

Finally, the last day of school!! It was a long day filled with cleaning out cubbies and eating way too much junk food, playing in the water and saying good bye to old classmates and students. Troy will see most of his classmates again next year, but my students will move on to Kindergarten so it was a little bittersweet. Teague also had a water day with his friends. Once we got home and ate dinner we all were ready for a good night's rest. I am really looking forward to being a stay at home mom again for the next few months and spending a lot of time with the boys both playing and learning. Let the summer begin!!

Troy and his best friend, Ethan

Troy and his classmates

Teague and his friends, Jack and Lane

Water Day at Troy's school