Monday, February 23, 2015


This weekend we were able to put on the first Disciple Now at our church.  The weekend was filled with worship and great preaching and lots of fun!  We rented out a place to sleep with showers and a gym and then during the days we were at the church or out in the community.  We helped out at Habitat for Humanity, Caritas and then also did a few treasure hunts in the community.  It was such a special weekend and I know this will be the first of many more to come!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

One Word revelations

The last month has brought about a lot of insight on my one word; legacy. Almost all of my pastor's sermons have spoken to me concerning this. The first one was so closly related that I was tempted to ask him if he had been reading my blog, lol, but I knew he hadn't and it was Holy Spirit making things crystal clear. 

Through several of his sermons and Bible verses and different songs on the radio I have learned a whole new meaning of the word redeemed. I have always looked at it as an eternal life thing...I've been redeemed through Christ so I will spend eternity in Heaven with Him, but He is shifting my thinking deeper.  Although being redeemed for Heaven is awesome, He has also redeemed us for our time here on earth.  He steps in every time I fail and redeems it for His glory, not just at the end of my life, but every. single. day!!  If my heart is turned towards Him then our desires are the same and He wants good in my children even more than I do and He redeems where I fall short!!  That is so freeing, because I can't do it perfect, but He can through me, if I let Him.  

The song 'I am redeemed' by Big Daddy Weave is so good, but one particular line stuck out this month. I've listened to this song a thousand times, but this time I really heard the line 'stop fighting a fight that's already been won.'  My desire is His desire and I can't mess up God's plan, so it's time I started walking in that victory instead of continually praying for it.

In learning all this, I've noticed that my desire to leave something good to the kids has become somewhat of a distraction. As I've let go and trusted Him in this area I have been free for Him to do amazing things in other areas. I have had some crazy dreams and visions over the last month. I have never been one to experience this, but as I have started pursing Holy Spirit these have increased and in them I've been able to bless others and also increase my faith as I am experiencing a whole new dimension of Him. It's been an eye opening month and I'm anticipating the following 11 to be just as exciting!