Monday, September 23, 2013

South Beach

Happy Birthday to Amber and Erin!!  To celebrate turning 30 they decided they wanted to go on a girl's trip and they chose South Beach, Florida!!!

Our hotel was amazing with the ocean just past the pool, so we went back and forth between the two all weekend!

Our first day we spent the whole day on the beach taking a ton of fun photos!!  It was gorgeous weather and  perfect for a relaxing start to our trip!!

We even did a photo shoot in the pool with our cups that Erin surprised us with and our Texas hats!

On Friday night we went to a very upscale steak house called Shula's.  It was an experience, but I'm not sure we were sold on how expensive it was compared to the quality of the food and service...give us Texas Roadhouse any day of the week!!

On saturday night, we wanted to go see a salsa club in South Beach so we took a cab to recommended place and had a fabulous time. We ate first at an outdoor italian place that was great! The restaurant gave the girls free tiramisu for their birthdays and then we headed to Mango's.

The club let the girls in free because of their birthday sashes.  They were spoiled everywhere they went!!  There was salsa dancing and singing and was quite a show!!

The last day we spent shopping and enjoying lots of yummy food...including sushi and ice cream!!

Miami was definitely fun and upscale. Here was what we saw every morning from our hotel...a mansion with the yacht out back! WOW!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Amber's 30th birthday party

Amber will be 30 on Thursday, so we all got together to celebrate! My mom sent out invitations a few weeks ago and the only clue we got from the invitation was that the party was going to be "mixed up." So we have spent the last few weeks trying to guess what she was going to "mix up." We never would have guess it was what we saw when we walked in...

It was a little bit of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mardi Gras, New Year's and odds and ends from all the parties she has ever thrown!  It was definitely mixed up!!

Even Abby got to dress up!!

Happy Birthday, Ole' Woman!!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Baseball Party

The boys had their end of the season baseball party at a cable park last weekend.  Since the boys went to State they never got their first place trophies from the District so they awarded them their trophies and then let them play!  Teague went straight to the pool area to play.  Troy and Kelby decided they would see if they could wakeboard and they did surprisingly well.  They all had a great time and Richard and I really enjoyed watching them try new things and succeed!!  Two proud parents!! 

Kelby wakeboarding

Troy wakeboarding