Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Teague is 4!!  It's been four years of laughter out of this little character!  I am so lucky to have him around when I need to smile.  He gives the best hugs, says the cutest things and keeps me on my toes all the time.  When your own children are born you love them because they are a part of you, but I've noticed as they are getting bigger I am starting to also love them for who God has created them to be and for those special traits that only He could have instilled in them.  Teague, you are a very special part of this family and I treasure you!!

My little newborn

1 year old
2 years old
 3 years old

And my big 4 year old!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Teague's birthday celebration

Mimi and Papa came into town to celebrate Teague's birthday a little early.  He got plenty of presents for Mimi and Papa, but also from GG and Sonja, too!

The Monsters Inc. movie and a baseball shirt from Sonja,

new baseball pajamas and ball from GG,

and monster truck stickers and a monster truck from Mimi and Papa!

Mimi and Papa also got him tickets to see Sesame Street Live.  There were cute wooden cut out to take pictures by and the real characters would come out and dance for a few minutes before the show.  The boys seems to like that because they were so close to the characters.

One of my favorite pictures!!

The show was a lot of fun and Teague really enjoyed it.  He got in the car still singing all the songs!!  So far turning 4 has been a blast!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break

It was a road trip kind of spring break this year!  We loaded down the car and headed out Friday right after school.  The first leg of our trip took us to visit Richard's friend at his horse camp.  He and his family run a Christian horse camp in the warmer months, but during the colder months the cabin sits vacant, so we were able to stay there.  It was so neat and the kids loved being around all the animals!

Troy and Kelby rode the horse while Abigayle led it around the arena.

The pretended to ride bulls, rope bulls, shoot things and run and on barrels.  They were super tired kids by the end of the day!

Saturday we actually got to see everything in the daylight and Abigayle caught Teague a baby goat to pet, but he was being a little shy!

We rode 4-wheelers around the trails and just enjoyed being away from it all, relaxing and getting some fresh air!!

The second leg of our trip took us to Surfside, Tx.

We had dinner by the water with Richard's brother the first night we were there and they showed us all how to eat crawfish!

The whole gang at Brian and Ashley's house.

The next several days we enjoyed the beach, even though is was still a little chilly.  The kids found seashells, built sand castles and even braved the cold water.

 One afternoon we walked the jetty and watched the boats come in and out.

It was a great road trip with wonderful memories!

Friday, March 08, 2013

Race car Rumpus

Today the boys had their Race Car Rumpus.  Richard's father in law is very talented with wood so he made each of the boys a car for the race.  I was blown away by how good they were and he even made a little one for Teague so he wouldn't be left out!  Kelby painted his blue and gold, Troy's was Texas Tech and Koby did his for his mom with her initials and cancer ribbon.  I think Richard and I did most of the painting on Troy and Kelby's, but they sure were proud of them, so that's all that matters!!  Kelby's car is the only one that actually won a race, and he took first in his class.  I really love the school they attend and all the special things they do with the children!

Before they were painted

Troy's Texas Tech car

He even wore his Texas Tech shirt the day he took it to school!!

Teague's car...Francesco from Cars II