Monday, December 29, 2014

One last Christmas

My family came into town to celebrate Christmas with the kids. Blake and Amber hadn't seen the house ether, so they got the grand tour. Then it was on to presents! I think Snicker was trying to hide from all the commotion! 

Blake was in on our large gift for the kids, so we had them open his gifts first.  He got them all helmets, gloves and goggles. He told them it was so they were all safe on the 4 wheeler. I figured one of them would ask if they were for something else, but they didn't.

So, we had to encourage then to go out to the shop to show Blake the 4 wheeler. 
Even then they were a little confused. I think one of them asked why there were go carts in our shop! Lol!

When it finally clicked that these were theirs they got excited and jumped in ready to ride! I guess we did good keeping the secret!

The rest of the afternoon everyone was riding or driving something!  

I think Blake was having the most fun of all. I'm glad he was here for the reveal and for the fun afterwards. You can't beat an uncle who rides go carts with you all day!

Finally, at about 5:30, the cold brought everyone in for hot chocolate and the rest of the gifts. After 3 Christmases, I'd say they have more than enough to play with for awhile!

Friday, December 26, 2014

More celebrations

On Christmas Eve we headed to Richard's parents' house for more celebrating!  We had BBQ and delicious homemade candy that Lynette made. We all got more than we asked for, in the presents category and the boys had bought a few fireworks that we popped outside before getting too cold and coming in for hot cider.  

They always buy several lottery tickets for all of us, but sadly there were no big winners this year!
We headed home and Kelby threw out his reindeer food and put out cookies for Santa before we all went to bed. In the morning I made cinnamon rolls and the traditional candy cane coffee cake.  I can't go a Christmas without it!

The kids went through their stockings and opened a few little things, but we are waiting until Troy and Teague return to do our true Christmas.  

Then we all headed in different directions. The kids went with the McCaig's, Richard went to the Fireworks store and I went to Mansfield for the day. We had an adult Christmas opening gifts and playing games and eating all day. Blake is in for Puerto Rico so it was nice to have us all there. Since Blake has to go back by plane, he really has no room to take gifts back do cash is his preferred gift. I tried to make it creative so I made a money wreath.

Again, we got a ton of gifts! And McKenna even got a few treats to enjoy! 

They will all be coming to visit us in a few days to see the house and give all the kids their gifts, so there is still more celebrating to come!! We are blessed!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bicycle caroling

Baylee and I tagged along with the McCaig's in their first annual bicycle caroling!  They live in a small town, so there was very little traffic as we rode up and down the streets and they also knew quite a few people within a three block radius, which worked out perfect when caroling by bike!

We started by decorating the bikes. Kate and Baylee added tinsel and lights. 

Then we met at the church in town to see if any other carolers were going to join us. We ended up with 8 bikes, one golf cart and a truck that followed us in case we needed a ride. They had specific people planned to go visit, so we just followed the leader from house to house. 

The recipients of the caroling were so sweet. The first several were older people and they all loved it! One invited us in for drinks, another apologized for not looking better and one let us know we raised her spirits since this is her first Christmas since her husband passed away.  At one house two of the teenage girls wanted to join us, so they jumped in their golf cart and added to our parade. It was so much fun! As it began to get dark, we headed back to Michelle's house for hot chocolate. I am already looking forward to next year and bringing all the boys! They are going to love it just as much as Baylee and I did!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas at the McCaig's

Last night we were able to celebrate Christmas at the McCaig's. Neal and Judy bought a new home last summer so  this was their first family Christmas there. We opened gifts, ate lots of delicious food, watched the Cowboys and played games.  It was such a fun night hanging out with everyone! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Jesse Tree

I'm always looking for something different to do for the holidays and this year I stumbled upon the Jesse Tree. I had never heard of it before, but, after a little research, decided it would be fun for all of us. It is basically the main stories of the Bible along with the lineage of Christ, hence the name Jesse tree. I downloaded and printed the pictures and every night one person would color and cut out the picture ornament and Koby or Baylee would read the verse that went along with it. We put a smaller Christmas tree upstairs and deemed it the Jesse Tree and that's were all the paper ornaments are hung.  We also had each kid draw another kid's name to have a Secret Sibling gift exchange and those gifts are being put under the Jesse Tree, as well. Some nights are hard to get us all together to read and color, but it's been a fun and educational time as we try to keep our focus on Christ when it is so easy to be distracted by other things!

The older kids were at basketball this night so Troy and Kelby read out of their Bible! Hard to believe they are reading!  They are growing up quick!

Friday, December 05, 2014

Fall Break

We had a wonderful week long fall break. It was a great mixture of family time, extended family time and rest! The weather was perfect which made for fun afternoons outside playing on most days. We did two different Thanksgivings with family, a movie day with the Youth and put up Christmas decorations. I am thankful for the full week off. We definitely packed it full!

Our week in pictures...

Does anyone else encourage the kids to look through the ads to keep them busy? Best idea ever! Teague did this for at least 4 hours!!

Trying to work off all we ate at mom's gym!