Friday, May 30, 2014

Incoming Freshman

Baylee graduated from 8th grade today! 

It was a rather quick ceremony with speeches from the Valadictorian and Salutatorian and then each student received their awards and lastly, their diplomas. 

Afterwards, was lots of pictures...

and then off for ice cream!

I have had the pleasure of being at 2 out of the 3 graduations Baylee has experienced and it's hard the believe there will only be one more, and it will be the big one!

Kinder graduation

6th grade graduation

8th grade graduation

High school is lots of fun and I know you are looking forward to it so much! Remember to work hard and stay true to who God is creating you to be. The next four years are going to fly by, so savor every moment! 
Congratulations Class of 2018!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pre-K Graduation

Teague graduated from Pre-K today! 

It was such a cute ceremony. The graduates walked out and then Teague was one of the few that led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

About a week ago, the PTA President called and asked if I would speak since I use to work at Head Start and now work in Kindergarten. I had been preparing and rehearsing, but when it came down to today it was extremely hot, so I cut it a bit short! It was difficult to think of what I could possibly say to thirty 5 year olds, but I ended up bringing Curious George and relating my advice back to that, and they seemed to enjoy it. 

After that, they sang a few songs and walked across to get their diploma!! So cute!!

Then, they enjoyed cake and punch and lots of pictures! 

I am very proud of all you have accomplished this year, Teague. Your teachers tell us everyday that they think you are going to be a lawyer because you love to talk and correct and debate and be close by in others' drama, lol!  This is just the beginning to many more successful years in school! Congratulations Class of 2027!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


After several years of praying, months of seeking His direction, and 6 interviews later...Richard has been hired on at our church as the Youth Pastor!  This is not only a huge answer to prayer, but also God's redeeming faithfulness on our lives.

Before I moved to this area, we found our church and attended on Sunday's whenever we could.  We loved the worship and the people and the amount of scripture that was taught at a very challenging level.  Once I moved here 2 years ago, we got even more plugged in by finding a Life Group to attend and creating friendships.  Richard loved the church, but knew he wanted to get back into the ministry and there were no open spots to do that, so he was reluctant to start making a life there.  I kept saying that our love for this church should outweigh that and you never know what God is doing further down the road.

At the first of this year, the current Youth Pastor announced that he felt God calling him to resign in the Summer of 2014.  I remember grabbing Richard's hand and squeezing it as we listened to that announcement.  Of course, Richard put in his resume and it seemed like a weird process because we know these people and they know us.  The Pastor is the one that married us!!  But they were very honest and upfront from the beginning that they wanted to be prayerful in their search to make sure they got the right man for the job.  He has interviewed with several different groups within the church over the last month or so and earlier this week they asked me to join in for an interview.  This was a little nerve racking to me to think that I might hinder his likelihood of getting this job!!  I just prayed over and over that they would see my heart.

Today, the Pastor called and asked him to come in again, but this time he offered Richard the position!  I am so excited and so proud of him!! 

In the early 2000's we were individually leading separate lives; happily married, raising babies and leading youth.  We were able to pour into so many young lives and it was wonderful.  Then life happened; the unthinkable happened for both of us and we were both knocked down.  For the last 5 years we have had to have others pour into us and so many of you guys are responsible for getting us to where we are today. We have had to rebuild what we lost and then, in God's timing, He brought us together.  I feel like He has slowly been mending wounds and healing hearts and preparing us to serve again.  Today was confirmation that it's our turn to pour into others again.  We are so excited not only to participate in youth ministry again, but to do it together. God is so faithful!

Thursday, May 01, 2014


The spring is such a busy time for us since all 5 kids play ball!! Between all the practices and games and laundry (whoever thought white game pants were a good idea obviously wasn't treating, bleaching and washing 5+ pairs a week) we barely have a spare moment...but they love it, so we do it!!

Teague had his first tournament last weekend. I was most worried about him playing since this is his first year not being on the same team as Troy, but he is doing great! He strikes out every now and then and the coach has to remind him to not play in the dirt every once in awhile, but he is having such a good time. Here are a few pictures of the first place team and my #55.

Teague and Baby D...they were teammates last year and love hanging out.

A little first base pep talk