Thursday, August 09, 2012


This is the first year Troy has been able to play football and he acted very interested in it, so he is now a football player. He and Kelby will be on the same team and after two weeks of practice, I think they have learned a little. I think they really like all the gear they get more than learning football, but I guess that's fine! Their first game is not for about a month so maybe between now and then they will learn some more things!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Date night at a wedding

Richard and I were able to go to my best friend's sister's wedding. I love weddings, and the fact that we were going to be able to go without kids and spend a few hours all dressed up and with my best friends made it even better!! The wedding was so beautiful! The pastor that performed the wedding has known Audra and Ross for awhile and that gave the ceremony such a personal touch that had most everyone in the room in tears! The reception was a ton of fun and really was the perfect celebration after their vows.

Richard and I had a lot of taking pictures in the photo booth! I love that we can have fun together no matter where we go! I am one lucky girl to have found him!!

Monday, August 06, 2012

A night out

Over the weekend I was able to go out with the girls for dinner and drinks. It was so nice to be able to sit and visit and laugh with the girls. I have missed seeing them on a regular basis!

Jenny wore a fascinator that another one of our friends brought from England. I loved it, along with everyone else who saw it. She received so many compliments throughout the night!! I'm thinking I need one!

I am so thankful for these women and what they mean to me!! Even though there is distance between us now, I know that girls' nights out will still be so much fun!!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Summer fun!!

We have spent a lot of this summer at Hawaiian Falls.  The kids have loved the slides and cotton candy and shaved ice and just being in the water throughout this hot summer! 

Baylee and Koby usually find someone they know there every time we go and Kelby and Troy are pretty much inseparable, so me and Teague have had a lot of fun hanging out while the older ones go and play!

Also, this summer I applied for a job closer to Richard and I GOT IT!!!   The boys and I have moved into a cute little house and are really enjoying the new surroundings and being able to see Richard and the kids every day instead of just on the weekends.  We are so excited about this next step in our lives and to see what God has in store of us.