Friday, November 24, 2017


This year my family all came down to have Thanksgiving with Richard’s family. Roy and Lynette were so gracious to host everyone and always throw the best gatherings. We went on a hayride, ate, fished and played games. It was nice to have all the family in one place!


Troy and Teague were in Fredericksburg this year, but we were able to FaceTime with them. Teague was excited to share that he shot his first deer!


Sunday, November 05, 2017


As my birthday approached and Richard asked what I wanted the only thing I told him was a night of romance...and he did not disappoint!  We started at La Bella for a couples massage and then pedicures. Then, we went to the mall for a little shopping and home to get ready for dinner. We enjoyed some fantastic food at Diamondbacks. Afterwards, was a hotel room filled with rose petals, roses and chocolates! The whole day was so fun and relaxing and made me feel so special! What a wonderful guy I have!!


Senior Night

Friday we escorted Baylee across the field as all the senior football players, band members and cheerleaders played their last game at home.  It was neat to hear the plans of each senior and to think of all the things that lie ahead of them as they start a new chapter in their lives in a few short months.


We are proud of you, Baylee! It has been so much fun watching you cheer for 4 years! We pray the memories you made will be ones that you look back on and make you smile!