Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! We spent the the afternoon at the Hollingsworth's.  Lynette and Roy made a delicious lunch and we were able to hang out with Richard's brother and his kids.

In the evening, we went to the Pippen's for game night!

We and Sorry, Monopoly, and Round the Board going.

On Friday, we sent to the Tech/Baylor game at the Cowboys Stadium.  They gave us all pom poms as we walked in and I was the only one that grabbed the red and black....and the only one still waving it at the end of the game, too!

Monday, November 07, 2016

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend started with a girls trip to Canton! A pit stop at Buc-ee's is always a must!

The morning started off rainy, but quickly cleared up! We saw as much as we could in nine hours, but you truly need more than one day to see it all. I also found out very quickly that we should have brought a cart or a wagon. By the end I had everyone carrying my bags for me because I had purchased too much stuff to carry on my own! 
Once we got home, the boys surprised me with birthday balloons that they had picked out while we were gone. They were thankful they were able to stay with PaPa and go to the movies instead of shopping with us.
Sunday morning I was able to meet up with Tanna for breakfast and a chance to catch up. It was a quick visit, but I am glad we were able to squeeze it in.
Sunday afternoon Richard and the kids drove up for the party. The theme was a wine tasting!
The table was filled with cheeses and meats and crackers and pickled veggies. It all was so good!

There was even cake pops and dark chocolate with an almond champagne and a rich port for dessert.

Our party favors!
Mom even had the plates that attach and hold the wine glass so we could walk around and visit while we ate.
Mom got me a wine shirt to wear and herself a new wine apron for the party. Thanks for making this party so personal and special! Every detail was perfect!

I had such a fun weekend with so many I love, on top of all the texts and Facebook messages!! As I get older, I just keep feeling that life gets better and better! I am so blessed and excited to see what this year holds!