Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we took the kids to the Ranger Game.  The pre-game tribute to our military was very moving along with the fly-over and the huge flag displayed by the soldiers.  As the soldiers talked, they mentioned that they take an oath to give their life for others.  I felt so thankful that their are men and women who will do this for the freedom my family and I experience.  Truly, freedom is not free.  As I sat and listened, I was reminded of the ultimate "soldier", Jesus.  He also chose to give His life for others and for the same reason; freedom.  Freedom from worry and bitterness and anger and complacency, etc...  He desires for us to have an abundant life.  He died for us to have that abundant life yet so many of us still choose to worry or fear or hang on to that anger.  We are free because of Him!  I am thankful for our military for their sacrifice and for the One who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The game was a great one to watch with a ton of hits and a few home runs to set the fireworks off, which is Teague's favorite part.  

5 years ago we visited the KidZone so since we were back we recreated the picture.  The amount of growth in the kids is crazy when you put the two pictures side by side!  I sure do love these faces!

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