Wednesday, April 12, 2017


On Sunday, we had a city wide worship service called The Gathering.  As a church we also started a 3 day fast on this night as we all celebrated Palm Sunday.  The Gathering was a great way to start the fast and really got my heart and mind in the right place.  Fasting is hard so I was glad that we were starting it in a such a special way and also, that we would all be doing it together as a church.

Our main goal in fasting this time was to seek breakthrough; in whatever area we felt it was needed.  In Mark chapter 9 there is a story of an instance where the disciples were unable to cast a demon out of a boy.  The father brought the boy to Jesus and asked Him to heal his son and He did.  The disciples were confused.  I would be confused, too.  The disciples were previously able to heal and cast out demons, why was this time different?  Jesus answered their question..."this kind can only come out with prayer and fasting.: Mark 9:29.  Jesus is not talking about the demon, but rather the unbelief.  So, as we began this 3 day fast, I wanted to gain more faith, more belief so more could be done through me.

I love this quote about fasting...

There is more space for Holy Spirit to move when we practice the spiritual discipline of denying our flesh, or what we want.  Over the last three days I have heard clearly in many areas and connected with Him and saw Him move in huge ways.  My favorite being Teague asking Jesus into his heart!  After The Gathering he was asking lots of questions and then he attends the Good News Club after school on Monday's which is a Bible Study at his school, and came home asking more questions, so as we talked he realized although he loved Jesus and prays and talks to Him a lot, he hadn't asked Him to reign in his life.  So we prayed the prayer right there in his bed and rejoiced as our last child surrendered to the King of Kings!!  Our Easter service will include baptisms, so Teague will be baptized on Sunday.

I truly believe prayer and fasting in combination has tremendous power.  Even if we don't see any immediate results over those days, I know God as faithful to work in the spiritual realm in ways that honor Him!

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