Friday, June 11, 2010


This week Troy took swim lessons for the first time. Through several recommendations I signed him up and Monday we both were a little nervous. The instructor teaches from her home by age and with only 5 kids per class. The parents are not allowed to stay, but there are some hedges to stand behind and watch the kids. The very first day she had them jumping in from the side. She would let them go under, but just for a moment, and then help them kick back towards the side. There were tears by all, but by the end of class they are all fine and Troy has really enjoyed it.

Also this week, Tanna came in town to go to the Splash Pool with us. Brylee, Troy and Teague were quite a team, and quite a handful. We didn't have much time for visiting if all three of them were awake, but it was fun to watch them all interact together. At the Splash Pool Troy wanted to show me what he learned from swim lessons and I was surprised that he went completely under water and then popped back up, wiped his face and just smiled and said "see!" He was so proud of himself and showed me and Tanna and the lifeguard and any other mom that walked by. I am hoping to get some more of him swimming on video at the last swim lesson today, if so, I will post it later, but here he is going under water.

They are quite a pair!!

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Jenna said...

I think that is one of the coolest things to watch, a child do something they were scared to do, and then they did it. I know Jordan is old, but he has NOT wanted to go under water and he did it this weekend. I was so proud of him! I am proud of you that you trusted that teacher and let her teach and now, he is so proud of himself! They are getting big, girl!