Saturday, May 19, 2012


Troy graduated from pre-school!!  All the kids were so excited!  It was neat to be a teacher and a parent there.  I was so proud of my own class for all their hard work this year, but also really proud of Troy in all he has learned, too!!  At this age, we teach number, letters, colors, etc...but I think it's also a key time for them to learn about manners and how to be a good friend and how to respect your teachers.  I am so proud of Troy and I have no doubt he going to do just fine in Kindergarten next year and LOVE every minute of it!!

With a last name starting with A, he is always first.  Here he is leading the graduation line!!

He got to hold the flag while we all said the Pledge of Allegiance

Getting his diploma

This is one of his friends...(girlfriend I think)  I see them together a lot and his teachers told me they were trying to hold hands during nap time the other day!  LOL...toooooo cute!!!

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That's so cute!