Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camp Refuge

Richard and I had the privilege of taking our youth out to Latham Springs for youth camp this year.  Richard spent a lot of his own youth and part of his early 20's out at Latham Springs so he was excited to return.
Richard's cousin, Jeremy, passed away is a car accident during the time they were involved at Latham Springs in their 20's and they had a bench with a plaque as a memorial and they also planted a tree. It was neat to see that tree and the bench still there and watch Richard tell of his cousin's legacy. Koby's middle name is Scott because Jeremy's middle name is Scott. They never met, but I bet Jeremy is proud of Koby and the young man he is becoming. 

Baylee and I both tried out the zip line, which was so much fun! 

All the kids loved the lake and spent most of their free time everyday swimming or paddle boating or sliding down the enormous slide. 

 Koby and a few friends got into the 3 on 3 tournament and placed 3rd! Richard loved being their coach!

We love this group of kids so much and had a wonderful time playing all week, but also finding Jesus all week. They were focused and transparent and came seeking and because if that Jesus rocked all of our worlds! Lives changed for the better this week and I'm humbled that I got to be apart of it!

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